9 Best UAE Travel Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

With over a 100 million active users in a day, billions of daily likes and over 23 billion shared photos; it’s hard to ignore the importance of Instagram. With the famous ‘like’ and ‘share’ features similar to that of Facebook, and ‘follow’ feature like that of Twitter, Instagram can easily be known as the best of both the worlds.

When it comes to travelling, the famous Instagram accounts are a treasure of some of the most breathtaking images and videos ever produced. Today, we bring you the best Instagram travel photographers in UAE who are able to capture the essence of the Arabian country and should definitely be followed to gain the best insights about the country.

1. Dubai

The beauty of Dubai well captured in pictures is what this account is all about. Bringing out the best that the city has to offer and clicking it with the best of light effects, the account is for those who have been to Dubai and loved it, and also for those who wish to go there.

2. Visit.Dubai

Needless to say that this account offers some of the most distinctive shots of Dubai. A must follows for all who loves Dubai or plan to visit the city, the most of the shots of the account showcases the magnificent beauty of the city.

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3. Skydive dubai

if adventure is in your mind, this is the account you must follow. An account of the best of the sky diving experiences in the beautiful Dubai sky, this account boasts of an immaculate collection of the sky diving experiences for you to enjoy.

4. Jetman

A one of its kind adventure sport, jetman account of Instagram literally challenges you to test your limits. If you have the guts, try it. The pictures at least, provokes you to do it. They had created a storm with their formation flight and now thousands of adventure enthusiasts try the feat for an experience of a lifetime.

5. Dubai 360

with over 143000 followers, the Dubai_360 Instagram accounts is no less than a virtual tour of the city of wonders itself. From the tallest of skyscrapers to the ancient Arabian souks, this account gives you a glimpse of Dubai at large.

6. pixelville

lover of unusual clicks? Follow pixelville. This account has everything, from pics that give you chills to the pics that give you thrill. The best and the most vibrant account of Dubai, that is bound to wake up the traveler in you, pixelville is your chance to explore Dubai in a completely different way.

7. Dennisstever

Most of the pics shot by Dubai based Dennis stever feels like coming straight out of a painting. The basic ingredient of almost every click by Dennis is the vibrancy and color. The clicks are so lively that you instantly fall in love and click like for them.

8. ehabkaras

An Egyptian based in the beautiful Dubai, Ehabkaras account of Instagram is a collection of some of the coolest photos, mainly selfies. These high quality pictures present to you the best of Dubai. From hot air ballooning to the beauty of the Dubai garden; ehadbkaras account has it all.

9. hudabinr

A photographer at heart and a lawyer by profession, the account of Huda Bin Redha is an explorer’s account of the majestic Dubai. Covering the beautiful locations of Dubai spanning from mighty desert to the marvelous monuments, and clicking them with a creativity that instantly gets you, is what makes it a must follow account.

Instagram is a world full of beautiful snaps and videos. With over 50% better engagement than Facebook and other social media, Instagram is now one of the most popular platforms of expression through pictures. For backpackers around the world, UAE is a realm of exploration that has the best of sea, sand and sun. With Instagram lovers clicking amazing pictures of the country’s beauty, adventures, and the most popular attractions; it is helping in overall growth of the tourism sector. Not only the most popular places, but also the most underrated and unknown spots can also be found out through Instagram.

Instagram is your key to unlock the hidden and most treasured gems of UAE that no standard travel package can unveil.

Source: http://www.timeoutdubai.com/

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