Things to Do in Jebel Jais and Adventure Outdoor Activities


When people think of Dubai, luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture, and a lively nightlife scene come to mind. With a Dubai visa with you, you are ready for a visit to this ultra-modern, super-luxurious city. But if you have had your fill of the usual attractions and want to move beyond the bright lights of the city and have an adventurous time, think of Jebel Jais.

Jebel Jais is the highest mountain peak of the UAE, which is also a part of the Hajar mountain range. With breathtaking views and thrilling adventures galore, expect an unforgettable visit to Jebel Jais. The weather on the mountain is cooler than that in the UAE, and winter is the best time to visit here. If you enjoy driving, then travel by car as the roads are excellent and the driving time is about three hours. As one of the safest countries to travel in the world, a solo adventure trip or a trip with friends to anywhere in the UAE , even Jebel Jais will be a fantastically memorable experience for anyone visiting.

Read on to know some of the best things to do in Jebel Jais.



Jebel Jais offers the longest zipline in the world for the adventurous.  This zipline has been certified by World’s Guinness Records. Enjoy the thrill of traveling at a speed of 140 to 150 Km/h while fitted with a special harness for the adventure. Feel the wind rushing as you travel a distance of about 3Km over the mountains. Once you reach the other side you will finish the flight on a suspended landing platform. Then get transferred to a second line to complete the journey back to the ground. Participants are asked to wear athletic clothing, a jacket, sturdy running shoes, and sunscreen.



If hiking is your passion then go hiking at Jebel Jais. Hiking trails have been maintained at the mountain. Go trekking through any of the 6 unique trails located here. With varying difficulty levels, the winding trails take you through a diverse mountain ecosystem. Enjoy the stunning scenic views and meet mountain goats and donkeys on the way. Get extremely close to nature while covering the trail. Remember to carry enough drinking water with you and wear appropriate clothing and shoes.



Cycling enthusiasts can ride a bike on the highest point in this place and test their stamina and expertise. The paved roads may seem to be an easy cycling challenge but these mountain roads are full of slopes and hair bend curves. Carry necessary things, as mentioned by the organizers, to have a safe and enjoyable trip. The finishing point is at the Jebel Jais viewing deck.


The Jebel Jais Viewing Deck Park is the best place to spend your time and enjoy the beautiful views from the mountain peak. Rent telescopes or binoculars and look at the stunning views around. Store the memories of these beautiful sceneries by capturing them forever in your camera. You will be mesmerized by the morning or the night views. Watch the glorious sunrise or sunset. This place is one of the most Instagram-Worthy Spots in UAE to visit.



The best places to visit in Dubai at night are no doubt more popular among nightlife lovers. However, Jebel Jais offers fantastic camping experiences for those who want a sublime night life experience under the Arabian sky. For nature lovers and adventure seekers, camping at Jebel Jais will be a wonderful experience. There are many beautiful camping spots, where people can enjoy picnics and barbeques. These sites are prepared well with level ground, parking, toilets, shades, and clear rules. Experienced campers can camp anywhere their fancy strikes. Spend a weekend at a camp and enjoy being outdoors. Look at the million stars in the night sky. Prepare meticulously for your camping trip with all the essential items you may need. Check to ensure that all camping equipment meets safety standards.

Ice Skating:

Yes, that’s right It’s ice skating at the top of Jebel Jais. The ice skate rink is 1300 meters above sea level at the Jebel Jais Skating Rink in Ras al Khaimah. Children above three years and adults can skate here. Enjoy the scenic view as you skate high above the world. Wear warm clothes as it is cool in winter at the top of the mountain. To reach here there’s a shuttle service that runs a coach up the mountain three times a day.

 Navigating the Sky Maze:

This is a new obstacle maze for thrill-seekers at Jebel Jais. The Jais Sky Maze is a self-guided rope course where you ride your bicycle 10 meters above the ground and navigate through several obstacles including rope swings, wobbly bridges, swinging loops, and more. The two levels of the course include an easier level and a more challenging level. The easier level has simpler challenges suitable for children aged 6 years and above. The second level is 10 meters above the ground and features more challenging obstacles for older children and adults.

 Taking a Sky Tour:

This is a unique experience for hardcore adventure enthusiasts. It is a self-guided aerial tour with 7 ziplines connected via platforms. Zip from platform to platform in this extraordinary experience. The 7 zip lines cover a distance of 5 Km. The Jais Sky Tour gives you a panoramic, bird’s eye view of the towering Hajar mountains. Do take plenty of photos as you stop at UAE’s highest sky bridge. The whole experience takes about an hour.

For nature lovers and lovers of the great outdoors, Jebel Jais is a wonderful spot to spend their time. With such a wide range of activities available, you can satisfy your thrill and adventure cravings and at the same time enjoy nature, and take beautiful photos of the scenic views.

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