UAE Visa Extension Without Exiting The Country


Do you want to extend your UAE visa without leaving the country but don’t know the process? Or are you someone who wants to change the visa status but is wary of all the tiring processes associated with it? Well! You have come to the right page. We receive numerous inquiries from people on extending the validity of their UAE visas.

Here is a detailed guide for you to do the same with just a few simple steps.

The UAE Inside Country Visa package is your best friend. But before proceeding, please keep in mind not to confuse this type of Dubai or UAE visa change with the same-day visa change or visa run. (You can check our detailed blog on that here).

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UAE Visit visa Extension

What is the ‘UAE Inside Country Visa’?

The UAE Inside Country visa process allows you to change your visa status without leaving the country. It comes as a relief, especially to foreign nationalities who are expats or people in Dubai for holiday/leisure purposes, visiting their friends/relatives, or on business, and they wish to extend the duration of their visa or change the status of their UAE visa. Though there are many ways to do it, the great thing about ‘UAE Inside Country Visa’ is that it enables you to extend or change your visa status while staying inside the UAE.

Criteria to apply for UAE Inside Country Visa

The applicant must fulfill the following conditions to apply for this UAE visa procedure.

  • The applicant is permitted to enter the country legally.
  • The applicant possesses any of the following visas:
  • The applicant’s visa is still valid.
  • The applicant has not breached any rule or condition of the current visa status.
  • The applicant has not done any activity or crime that will result in the dismissal or rejection of the visa change/extension processing request.

Advantages of the UAE Inside Country Visa

  • To begin with, you can conveniently renew or change your visa status in the UAE or Dubai. Whether it is tourist visa extension, visitor visa extension, visit visa renewal, visa renewal, or family visa renewal, you can avoid returning to your home country to reapply for a UAE visa.
  • This is so much better than other tedious visa change or visa extension alternatives. Another benefit is that you can avoid standing in long queues at the airport or eliminate tiring bus journeys to Oman.
  • This is an economical and easy option, and you can complete this process with less paperwork and cost-effective rates.
  • This is perfect for expats who have canceled their employment or residence visa in recent times and would like to continue in the UAE on a tourist visa.
  • The most important thing is that you can get this process done through a trustworthy service provider. We at OnlyDubaiVisa have a committed team to assist you with all your UAE Inside Country Visa requirements.

Steps to Process UAE Inside Country Visa

  • Get in touch with our visa experts at OnlyDubaiVisa with your visa extension or status change request
  • Ensure that you mail us all the essential documents at least 5-6 days before your current visa expiry date
  • Duly fill the visa application form with all correct details
  • You can either visit us in person to submit the documents or mail them to us
  • Kindly share your contact details such as telephone number, email ID, address, etc.
  • Our team will verify all the comments and once satisfied, will forward your application for visa processing
  • Complete payment of AED 1899 to process your visa extension or visa change request
  • We will notify you via the email provided once your visa change is complete

Documents Required for UAE Inside Country Visa

The documents required for different types of visa holders are as follows:

If you are a Tourist Visa Holder
  • Photocopies of front and back pages of your passport
  • A copy of your current visa
  • Your recent passport size clicked against a white background.
  • You must attach your residence visa and Emirates ID (In case you have a guarantor, you need to attach their passport copies too)
If you are an On-Arrival Visa Holder
  • Photocopies of back and front pages of your passport
  • Your recent passport size clicked against a white background.
  • You must attach your residence visa and Emirates ID (In case you have a guarantor, you need to attach their passport copies too)
If your UAE residence or UAE visa is canceled
  • Your canceled UAE residence or employment visa
  • Xerox copies of the front and back pages of your passport
  • Your recent passport size clicked against a white background.
  • You must attach your residence visa and Emirates ID (In case you have a guarantor, you need to attach their passport copies too)


Other Requirements & Important Things to Consider

  • Your passport must be valid for a minimum of six months.
  • Your guarantor’s documents, such as passport and residence visa, must be valid for at least three months.
  • In case you have a guarantor in the UAE, then it is essential to submit their last month’s bank statement, along with a security cheque of AED 5500 per person in the name of OnlyDubaiVisa. This amount will be refunded to the guarantor once you exit the country.
  • In case of no guarantor in the UAE, you need to pay AED 2000 per person through bank transfer or the payment link available on our visa page. This amount will be refunded after you exit the country or once your visa status is changed.
  • Checking whether Dubai visa original or fake is essential as it can cause problems with your travel plan. To avoid the same, be sure to apply for an extension via a reputed visa expert.


1. Who can use the UAE Country Inside Visa service?

You can avail of this facility if you have a UAE visa and wish to extend the visit period in Dubai or change your visa status without exiting the country. (It is applicable for arrival visa, tourist / multiple entry visa, on-arrival visa, and residence/employment visa)

2. What is the difference between visa extension and visa change?

UAE Country Inside Visa services has many variations and differences. For more information, you can contact our visa experts and discuss your visa requirements with them. They will clearly and concisely explain to you the rules, conditions, and differences pertaining to it. They will also provide all the necessary support and guidance and help you choose the correct visa package.

3. If I overstay in Dubai, can I change or extend my Dubai visa?

You can only stay in the UAE only for 30 days or 60 days based on your visa. A grace period of 10 days is given, but you must pay a heavy penalty if you overstay this period. The amount is AED 200 on your first day and AED 100 per day on the following days of your stay.

For a residence visa, a grace period of 30 days is usually given post which you will have to pay a penalty of AED 125 on the first day and AED 25 on the following days.

We will process your visa change request based on the number of days you have overstayed. Kindly note that we will assist you only after you have paid your penalty and give us a guarantee in cash or cheque.

4. What is the duration to process my visa change request?

It usually takes approximately three to four working days once you submit all the essential documents. If you need a Dubai visa urgently, you can avail of our express visa services. With this service you can easily get Dubai visa in one day or maximum in two days.


UAE Inside Country Visa is a great way to avoid exhausting processes to change or renew your Dubai visa. For more information, you can fill our online inquiry form or speak to any of our visa representatives at +971 42 087 543.

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