Apply for a multiple-entry 60-day Dubai visa through; it not only gives you ample time to discover Dubai and the UAE but also lets you travel in and out of the UAE as many times as you wish during the length of your Dubai visa's validity term.

60 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa Fees

Visa Type Normal Visa Fees (4-5 working days) Express Visa Fees (2-3 working days)
60 Days AED 1100 AED 1300

Top Benefits of a 60-Day Multiple Entry Dubai Visa

Know More About 60 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa

Whether you are traveling to Dubai for tourism or business purpose or even visiting your friends or relatives, this 60-day, multiple-entry Dubai visa gives you both time and utmost flexibility to make the most of your Dubai visit. Apart from this, it is especially great for people who need to make repeated visits to Dubai with a single visa.

60 Days' Multiple Entry Dubai Visa Application Checklists

*The passport must carry a validity of at least six months from your intended Dubai travel date.

Why Only Dubai Visa for 60 Days Multiple Entry Visa?

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