All passengers traveling to UAE from countries in the Asian subcontinent, mainly India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal, are required to have their airplane tickets updated with an OTB status. This is mainly mandatory for passengers who are traveling without the original pink color visa. Without an OTB, it’s most likely that a passenger will not be allowed to fly.

What actually is an Ok to Board?

The OTB or Ok to Board denotes a procedure to verify the authenticity of visa that a passenger possesses. The main purpose of this procedure is to ensure that a passenger is flying with valid travel documents only. Precisely, conducting such a check will prohibit people from traveling to UAE on fake visas and consequently getting expelled from the country.

Is OTB an airline requirement or a UAE immigration requirement?

It’s actually a prerequisite mandated by the airlines and not the UAE immigration. It’s applicable to all visitors traveling (on a new work visa or a tourist visa) to any of the emirates of the UAE, such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah. Apparently, even if you hold a valid UAE visa, your entry to board the airplane may be denied by your respective airline in the absence of an Ok to Board status.

Know the Procedures to Update OTB

An OTB is essentially relevant to passengers whose visa is sponsored and issued in the UAE. Once the processing of your UAE visa is successfully completed, your sponsor should send a copy of your approved visa, along with a copy of your airline ticket or PNR Number, to your airline service provider who will double check the visa, and accordingly, attach your airline ticket with the OTB message.

Processing of OTB

Usually, airlines require a minimum of two days to validate documents and update the OTB. So make sure that all the vital documents are forwarded to your airline at least three days before your travel date. After the verification, the airlines electronically insert the OTB message. Get in touch with your airline directly to know about your OTB status.

How can I know about my status on Ok to Board?

As the OK to Board is issued by the airlines, the best way to check its status is to call the airlines you are flying with. They would notify the same on the phone. If you have applied for Ok to Board through a travel agency, they would notify the same through phone or mail, at least 48 hours before your flight.

What if my PNR doesn’t reflect OK to Board?

If your PNR does not reflect Ok to Board, you would probably be denied entry into the aircraft. The airline has the right to do so.

Which airlines require OK to Board?

Every airline that flies to UAE requires Ok to Board. While some offer it for free, several of them charge a nominal fee. Airlines like Emirates, Jet Airways, Saudi Airlines, Etihad Airways and Fly Dubai provide Ok to Board without charging any fee. However, when it comes to airlines like SpiceJet, Air India and IndiGo, you would have to pay a small fee to get the Ok to Board status.

OTB with Only Dubai Visa

The consultants at Only Dubai Visa offer reliable services to update the passengers’ OTB status. All you’ve to do is to send us the copies of your e-visa, passport and return airline tickets. We’ll coordinate with the respective airline to input OTB message on your passenger PNR while informing this to you least 48 hours prior to your travel. A nominal fee, as pertinent, will be charged to undertake this procedure. Please refer to the chart below to get an idea about the OTB rates charged by different airline carriers.

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Airlines Rates (AED)
Indigo 40
Jet Airways 40
Emirates 40
Air Arabia 40
Etihad 40
Fly Dubai 40
Air India Express 40
SpiceJet 40
Air India 40
Oman Air 40