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Frequently Asked Questions and Information


  • What is a Dubai visa?

    A visa is a document that permits a foreigner to enter Dubai or UAE and stay here for a specified period of time. It is issued by the Dubai Immigration and Naturalization department.

  • Do all foreigners visiting Dubai need a visa?

    It is mandatory for all foreigners to obtain a visa to enter Dubai. But GCC nationals coming to Dubai from Sultanate of Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Kingdom of Bahrain, and Qatar are exempted from this. It is, nevertheless, not applicable to expats settled in these countries, unless otherwise they’re investors or hold a high profile professional status, with an eligibility to get a visa on arrival at the Dubai’s airport.

  • What is a visa on arrival?

    People visiting Dubai from certain American, European and Far Eastern nations needn’t have to make any pre-arrangement for Dubai visa, as they will be granted a visa on arrival (valid for one month) at the airport in Dubai. Since the list of countries that are eligible for a visa on arrival is subject to change from time to time, we recommend you to check with your local embassy before traveling to Dubai.

  • What are the requirements to apply for a Dubai visa?

    Properly filled in visa application form, along with the copies of your passport with a minimum validity of six months at the time of travel to Dubai and passport-size photograph in white background, are required for applying for a Dubai visa. Visit https://www.onlydubaivisa.com/visa-requirements.html for detailed information on Dubai visa requirements.

  • Why should I apply for a Dubai visa through Only Dubai Visa?
    • Innovative team of visa consultants who makes the whole visa procedures absolutely stress-free for you
    • Helps clients to determine the visa package that best suits the intension of their Dubai visit
    • Assures of the approval and on-time delivery of your Dubai visa
    • Well-informed about all kinds of revisions reflected in the Dubai visa rules
    • Commitment to client satisfaction
  • What are the different types of Dubai visa that I can apply through Only Dubai Visa?
    • 96-hour visa
    • 14-day visa
    • 30-day visa
    • 90-day visa
    • 30-day multiple entry visa
    • 90-day multiple entry visa
  • How should I apply for a Dubai visa?

    You may deposit your Dubai visa application along with the supporting documents online. You can alternatively mail or send via courier or even stop by our facility to submit the documents. Based on your request, we can also come to your location in Dubai to collect your documents.

  • Can someone else apply for a Dubai visa on my behalf?

    Your friends or relatives settled in Dubai can apply for a Dubai on your behalf. But they will be entailed to submit the copies of such documents as their visa as well as passport with a validity of at least three months and bank statement.

  • Are all your visas valid for single entry only?

    All visas other than multiple entry visas are valid for single entry only. With a multiple entry visa, you can travel in and out of Dubai as many number of times you wish, however only within the visa’s validity term, which is 30 days or 90 days.

  • How many days prior to my Dubai visit should I apply for a visa?

    While it normally takes only four to five days for the processing of a Dubai visa, it’s always good to apply for a Dubai visa much before your intended travel date.

  • Can I have my airline tickets booked before getting a Dubai visa?

    You can book your airline tickets prior to applying for a Dubai visa.

  • Can I track my visa application status?

    When an application for a visa is lodged, we’ll transmit all relevant details via email, including a unique booking reference code, which can be used to check the status of your visa application.

  • How long will it take to process my visa application?

    Four to five working days; but if you opt for our express service, you’ll get your Dubai visa in two to three working days.

  • How will I receive my visa once it’s approved?

    We’ll send your approved visa to your email. Take a printout of it before your travel.

  • What are the potential reasons for the rejection of my visa?

    A visa is likely to be rejected if the applicant has been blacklisted or his passport is not clear or non-machine readable. Kindly refer to our Visa Requirement page for more information.

  • Do you refund the fee if I’m refused a visa?

    We do not refund the visa fee in the event you’re refused a Dubai visa.

  • Is it possible for me to reapply for a visa?

    You can reapply for a visa but make sure you adhere to all norms as specified by the immigration department.

  • Is it possible for me to make Dubai entry via any airport or by road?

    You can make an entry to Dubai through any of the UAE’s airports. With a valid visa from OnlyDubaiVisa.com, you can enter the country by road also.

  • Is it possible for me to extend my visa?

    This depends on your visa type. For example, a 96-hour visa and 14-day visa can be extended for 26 days and 16 days respectively. But all other types of visas including multiple entry visas are non-extendable.

  • How should I make the payment?
    • Using a valid credit card
    • Depositing the money directly to the company’s bank account
    • Online bank transfer
    • Payment via money exchange
  • What are the consequences of staying in Dubai or UAE beyond the visa’s validity term?

    If you overstay in Dubai after the expiry of visa, a stipulated amount of fine will be charged from you for each day of your extended stay here.

  • Is the visa obtained through OnlyDubaiVisa.com is restricted to Dubai visit only or the whole of UAE?

    With a valid Dubai visa, you can travel anywhere in the UAE.

  • Who can I get in touch with for further information?

    We have an exclusive client support team to help you with all your queries in connection with using our website. Contact us on +971 42087445 / +91 20 67488900 or send us an email to inquiry@onlydubaivisa.com.