How to Check if Your Dubai Visa is Genuine?


U.A.E. is a popular tourist country. People from all over the world flock to the country all year for holidaying and even business. People are applying for visas left, right and centre. But this popularity also gives rise to fake visas. Therefore, one should know how to check Dubai visa is original or fake in order to not be conned by people looking to take advantage of U.A.E.’s global popularity. Many people, in their desperation, rely on untrustworthy sources to get U.A.E. visas. This is especially true in the case of people who have had their visa applications rejected. And unfortunately, such cases have been on the rise, so, you have to be extra careful regarding your U.A.E. visas.

Different Types of Dubai visa

The Dubai visa is classified into four main categories issued to travelers based on the purpose of their travel.

30-day single entry visa

This visa category is issued to applicants who intend to visit and explore Dubai for 30 days only. This visa expires if you leave or exit the UAE.

60-day single entry visa

This visa category is issued to applicants who intend to visit and explore Dubai for 60 days only. This visa expires if you leave or exit the UAE.

30-day multiple entry visa

This visa category is issued to applicants who intend to visit and explore Dubai for 30 days only. This visa category allows the user to enter and leave the UAE at any point within their scheduled 30-day visa validity period.

60-day multiple entry visa

This visa category is issued to applicants who intend to visit and explore Dubai for 60 days only. This visa category allows the user to enter and leave the UAE at any point within their scheduled 60-day visa validity period.

Check out how you can differentiate between original and fake Dubai visa.

1. Rising Cases of Fake UAE (Dubai) Visa

Owing to U.A.E.’s rising popularity and tourists desperation for a visa, there has been a sharp rise in cases regarding fake visas. People get duped into paying money for fake visas and they get trapped at internationals airports, where they are stopped from boarding flights, or they get in trouble upon arrival. Several hundred fake visas are detected each year. One trick many agents use is to give short visit visas, which allow them to get into U.A.E. but they also provide them with fake employment visas. These are immediately caught. Then these people are handed over to their embassies and deported back to their countries. There also have been cases of agents giving fake prints of visas to people. These prints are so good that people get fooled but not the immigration officers.

2. How to Check U.A.E. Visa is Original or Fake


3. Check Dubai Visa Entry Permit Number

Check Dubai Visa Entry Permit Number

Check Dubai Visa Entry Permit Number

One of the most sure-fire ways on how to check if your U.A.E. visa is original or fake is to check Dubai visa entry permit number. There are official websites of the U.A.E. government from where you can check your visa status. Post application, you are provided a unique number through which you can check the status of your visa. Once the official website shows that your visa is confirmed, then you have no worries, and you can safely head to your vacation in Dubai or any other emirate in U.A.E. You can find such websites by simply searching the “Check my Visa Number ” or “ Check U.A.E. visa status”. Please click on websites ending with ‘.ae’ as this is domain address given to all websites based in U.A.E. (  is a trusted site where you can go to ‘General Inquiry’ page and enter basic information such as your Visa number, date of birth etc. and submit. It will let you know if your visa exists on the system.)

4. Documents Required for Dubai Visa

Here’s a list of documents you will need to apply for a U.A.E. These documents may vary owing to the type of visa you are applying for, but the ones stated below are common and mandatory, irrespective of the type of visa you are applying for.

  • Application Form – Available online, download the form and fill out the form clearly and make sure there are no errors in them.
  • Photocopy of front page and back page of passport – These pages contain most of the important information in the passport. Hence, most visa procedures require these pages’ xerox or photocopies. Your passport should also be valid upto 6 months of your travel dates.
  • Passport size photographs – In these pictures, make sure that you are not smiling and your complete face is visible, including your ears. Also, these pictures have to be taken in a studio with a proper white backdrop.
  • Photocopies or xeroxes of the return tickets – Your plane tickets provide proof that you are going to return back on the said date. This helps in you getting your visa approved.
  • Fees – The visa fees have to be paid online while submitting your application, so, pay the fees in a full.

5. OK to Board 

Owing to high rates of immigration scams and many people from South Asian countries disappearing once inside U.A.E., the government started the ‘OK to Board’ rule. How this works is that once you get your U.A.E. visa, you have to submit it to your airlines, after checking, they will mark your PNR as ‘OK to Board’. Without this, you cannot board your plane. This procedure has to be done 48 hour before your departure. Many tour service providers help you get Ok to board services for leading airlines like IndiGo, Jet Airways, SpiceJet, Eihad Airways, Fly Dubai and Saudi Airlines  at  a very Small fee

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How to check Ok to board StatusHow to check Ok to board Status
How to check Ok to board Status

6. Additional Supportive Documents required For UAE (Dubai) visa

1. Letter of Invitation from Sponsor –

Expats living in U.A.E. can invite people to come and stay with them. They have to provide copies of their documents of residence and have to provide an official letter of invitation to you. Many people use this sponsorship method to get a visa. However, the letter has to be from a close relative and not a distant relative.

2. Employment Visa –

If you have secured employment in the U.A.E. then the company you have got a job in will help you get a work visa. This is a different procedure in which your company will help you.

3. Student Visa –

If you are an underage student, you’ll need a letter of permission from your parent or immediate guardian giving your permission to travel, and a letter from the university of educational institute you are enrolled in.

7. Prevention Tips for Getting Fake U.A.E. Visa

  • Use the services of reputed travel companies – Reputed companies like Only Dubai Visa are experts in getting visas done. You have no chance of getting tricked if you go through such companies. They have an official app called Only Dubai Visa app, which is available on App Store and Play Store.
  • Check reputation and background – If you are going through an agent, which is not advisable, make sure you do a thorough reputation and background check, because in most fake visa cases, it’s the agents who are responsible.
  • Beware of Social Media – On social media sites, you will come across many people advertising really cheap rates for UAE visas, but do not go through them. You can make enquiries, but check for their reviews on Google and other trustworthy sites, then you’ll get a clearer picture.

Hope the above given information will help on how to check Dubai visa is original or fake. Plan a trip to this beautiful country, and enjoy one of the best holidays of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is there an increasing number of cases of fake UAE citizens?

UAE has become a very popular tourist destination in the 21st century and continues to attract an alarming large number of audiences. Many citizens are issued fake UAE visas by their travel agents,and they face huge issues while trying to enter the UAE border controls.

2. How do we check if our issued Dubai visa is fake or genuine?

You should check the visa application or the Dubai visa entry permit number on the UAE Embassy or consulate’s online portal. If the status of your visa on the portal is indicated as approved, you can rest assured that the visa is genuine.

3. What is the OK to Board rule for flying to the UAE?

Once your approved UAE visa is issued to you. You should submit the UAE visa to your airline, which will mark your PNR as “OK to Board.” You are not allowed to board the UAE flight if you do not have an “OK to Board” processed by the departing airline.

4. Is the OK to Board facility a free or paid activity?

No. OK to Board services are provided by all major airlines at a nominal cost.


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