How to Get Dubai Tourist Visa for Filipinos


Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most preferred holiday destinations among Asian citizens. Getting a Dubai visa is one aspect of a Dubai trip that most people find daunting and stressful. However, obtaining a Dubai visa is a straightforward process. All you need to know is a few basic steps and get documents as required and the whole process is easy-peasy. Dubai visa is different for each nationality. If you are a Philippines citizen eager to visit Dubai for a holiday and wondering ‘How to get a Dubai tourist visa for Philippines citizens?’ then here’s a simplified guide to help you get a Dubai visa done effectively.



A Step-by-Step breakdown of getting UAE/Dubai Tourist visa for Philippines citizens

To begin with, you must determine if you need a visa to enter Dubai. There are many countries that are designated as visa-free countries, which require only a valid passport to obtain a visa on arrival at the Dubai airport. The Philippines however, falls in the category of countries that need to arrange a valid tourist visa before arrival at Dubai airport. That means Filipinos need to go through the process of acquiring a visa before they depart to Dubai.

Once you know that as a Philippines citizen you need to apply for a Dubai tourist visa beforehand, the next step would be to decide what kind of visa you should obtain. Dubai tourist visa for Filipino citizens have the following options – 30-day short term tourist visa with single or multiple entry and Long term visit visa with single entry valid for 90 days. Based on how long you intend to stay in Dubai, you can select the type of visa you need. The 30-day short term single entry visa is the best option for tourists.

To obtain a UAE visa before arriving in Dubai, you will need a sponsor who will apply for the visa on your behalf. If you have a relative, acquaintance, or family member staying in the UAE, then they can become your sponsor and apply for a visa. In the case that you are a tourist and do not know anyone who lives in Dubai, the airline you booked your tickets with, or the hotel you booked for your stay can help you with a visa. In short, you will need to have a sponsor who resides in UAE to get a Dubai visa. Travel agencies based in the UAE can also assist you as sponsors for your Dubai visa.

Once you have figured out these three steps, the next step would be to start the application process and arrange the necessary documentation. For that the applicant needs to download the visa application form, print it, fill it completely without any errors, sign it and keep it ready to send along with other required documents for the visa process. All the documents can be scanned and sent to the sponsor for the visa processing procedure. The documents needed for filing your visa application are as follows:

Documentation for your UAE visa for Philippines citizens

As you plan for a UAE visit, submit the following documentation as part of your UAE visa application form.

  • A Filipino passport with six-month validity after you arrive at the UAE border control
  • A digital copy of your passport’s first and last pages
  • Passport-size photograph captured recently as per the UAE visa photograph guidelines
  • A confirmed round-trip flight itinerary
  • A confirmed travel or hotel booking
  • Validation of your financial capability

You may require additional documentation as per your nationality, which can be requested going forward by the UAE immigration officials while analyzing your visa application profile.

Visa application fee

The visa application fee varies as per single-entry or multiple-entry visas issued. The below charges are per applicant.

Visa processing timeline for UAE visa for Philippines citizens

To avoid delays in visa processing, it is imperative to be precise and double-check your documentation before submitting it to your sponsor. If more documentation is required from your end, the processing of your Dubai visa could be delayed. Discrepancies in documents, incorrect information, or incomplete documents are the reason for the visa to be rejected. Your role in the application for a Dubai visa ends once you have sent the application form and the documents to your sponsor. The rest of the process will be taken care of by your sponsor and all you have to do is wait for a valid visa that gives you entry into the spectacular city of Dubai! For a Dubai visa for Indonesian nationalities, the procedure is quite similar.

Extension of your UAE visa for Philippines citizens

Effective from October 3rd, 2022, all visas (single and multiple-entry) are valid for sixty days from the date of issuance and will subsequently expire if unused. All travelers can extend their UAE visas for a maximum of 60 days twice. An additional fee of US$ 230 is to be paid per applicant for extending their visas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does a Philippine citizen need a UAE tourist visa to enter Dubai?

The UAE tourist visa is a short-term visa issued to visitors and travelers for leisure, tourism, and recreational purposes. Applicants are expected to leave the UAE before their expiry. Otherwise, they will be charged an applicable fine per applicant daily at the border controls.

2. What is the validity period for a Dubai tourist visa?

All travelers are entitled to stay in Dubai for a maximum period of 30days, 60days, and 90days, which is issued to them based on the purpose of their visit.

3. How early should you look to apply for a UAE visa?

You should look to apply for a UAE visa a minimum of 14 days before your scheduled travel date.

4. How early should you look to apply for a UAE visa?

You should look to apply for your visa extension a minimum of 10 days before your tourist visa expires.

5. What are the Philippine tourist visa requirements for a UAE visa?

All Philippine applicants must present their valid passport, passport-size photograph, travel insurance, confirmed flight itinerary, and sufficient funds in their bank account.

6. How do I receive the visa status updates?

Each applicant’s visa status can be checked online through the portal or offline. All updates are shared on the applicant’s registered email ID.


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