Dubai Safari Park – Everything You Need to Know

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One of the best destinations in Dubai is the Dubai Safari Park. The Dubai Safari Park is a relatively new wildlife experience to explore if you’re seeking the latest UAE attractions. This is a 119-hectare animal sanctuary where you will find more than 2500 animals. The park ensures ‎the best habitat for wildlife such as the perfect environment to suit the various animals. Read up about the Dubai Safari Park before you set off to confirm the availability of experiences you desire. The pandemic may have forced some of it to be discontinued.

When you reach the Safari Park, you will find eco-friendly, solar-powered vehicles waiting to take you around. As you travel around the different villages, you will find animals specific to that region. This will allow you to observe them at close quarters.

Here is everything you need to know for an unforgettable experience at Dubai Safari Park.

dubai safari park zoo

Different Villages or Zones:

The Safari park is partitioned into different zones like the Asian Village, Arabian Village, African Village, Wadi, and Explorer Village. Each zone has its attractions. You will need a whole day to explore the Dubai Safari Park. Watch the Arabian oryx in the Arabian Village along with ostriches, gazelles, etc. When you go to the Asian Village you can see the gibbons, komodo dragons, etc.

At the African Village, you will see a plethora of exotic animals. The favorite animals among the visitors are the pygmy hippos, the gorillas, and the African elephants. The smallest and largest land mammals are found here. You will be amazed to learn that the African Village has indoor and outdoor temperature-controlled pools for the gorillas and chimpanzees.

When you reach the Explorer Village, get ready to experience Africa and Asia and meet lions, tigers, cheetahs, and water buffaloes. You will find many animals here that are on the endangered list. These animals get a haven here and are protected through extensive scientific research.  Enjoy meeting the largest group of baboons in the UAE and watch the unique cheetah race.


Reptile House:

Visit the Reptile House where over 50 species of reptiles like snakes, lizards, turtles, and tortoises are found. Stare in fascination into the eyes of the huge monitors, and the tarantulas. Try to spot the camouflaged green iguana. Marvel at the slow pace of the leopard tortoise. And have a spine-tingling good time.

Grand Aviary:

The Grand Aviary here is the largest aviary in Dubai. Watch as the birds fly around and identify them with the help of the guides. Learn more about the habitat and lives of these beautiful feathered creatures. Do not miss the bird theatre with its fantastic shows.

 Kids Farm:

The Dubai Safari Park is a very child-friendly place, and there is a Kids Farm where children can learn about farm animals. Kids learn about animal behavior and how to take care of them. Other activities that children enjoy here are feeding the giraffe, feeding the birds, etc. The visitors can also enjoy a behind-the-scenes experience with a private and guided tour to special habitats and feed the crocodiles, elephants, and giraffes, etc. They even get an opportunity to brush a rhinoceros and see it up-close.

 Safari Drive-through:

Do go on the Safari Village Drive-through for a journey of discovery through Africa and Asia. This is a tour in an air-conditioned bus with a professional guide who will share interesting facts about the animals you see.

 Wadi Area:

The Al-Wadi area is a place to relax and refresh yourself. Have a picnic or relax at the restaurants. The food experience here will make you happy with the variety of food available. The adventure valley – a play area for adults and kids – with a playground zone, climbing nets, zip-lining, bungee jumping, and wall climbing keeps both kids and adults happy and engaged. The river here has ducks, swans, and peacocks. You even find pelicans, and feeding them is another interesting experience. The Dubai Safari Park utilizes solar power for the running of waterfalls and the vehicles in the Park.

There is a lot more to Dubai than just modern architecture. The emirate allures you with nature experiences such as Dubai desert adventures and Hatta excursions as well as wildlife encounters with Dubai Safari Park. As Dubai is a desert city, the best time to visit the Dubai Safari Park is in the winter months since the zoo and the immersive activities have to be experienced outdoors. During the hotter months, the park has installations to cool the temperature such as cool water bodies, misting fans, and air-conditioned artificial rocks but still, the heat may prove to be a spoilsport. After spending the whole day at the Dubai Safari Park, you may still feel that you need more time here. That’s how interesting your visit will be.

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