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Have you ever thought of blowing the candles in the backdrop of Dubai skyline? Or popping the question on the cruise? Or attending a corporate meeting in the floating restaurant? Make the most of your anniversaries, birthdays and other significant dates with the Dubai Dhow Charter.

Dhow Cruise in Dubai is not just the medium to explore the landmarks of the city, but it is your perfect way to celebrate your milestones and turn them unforgettable. Dhow cruises are found at Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek, which are the best places to visit in Dubai at night offering a scintillating view of the city. The Dhow Charter for special events is exclusively prepped and decorated for customers who want to step out of the norm, do something remarkable, and gather shining memories with their loved ones on the big day.

It is a cruise that has a restaurant at the lower deck, and open-air ambience at the top. Organising everything from wedding functions and get together parties to corporate events, the dhow charter is your tailored private cruise. The privilege of customised menu, choice of vessels, kind of decoration from formal and elegant to casual and chic and display of live performances create a spellbinding aura. So, apply for your Dubai visa as we have curated the best ways for you to celebrate special occasions on board the dhow.

Learn how you can add a magical touch to celebrations on board the dhow cruise.

1. A typical Dhow Charter for the special event looks like:



You can either book the whole dhow (boat) or go for the lower air-conditioned area or cherish the moment in the partially opened deck. Be it a cool small party where you are with 25-30 friends or relatives, or a large function of 250 people, the team will work on your preferred themes and cater to the needs. You are welcomed with refreshments, cake and champagne as selected during the bookings. Revel in live entertainment including Tanoura or belly dancing, magical shows, puppet dramas, live vocalist or DJs. A lip-smacking array of cuisine cooked by the best chefs is laid out for the guests. You laugh, talk, dine and enjoy as the cruise glides across some stunning views and effulgent Dubai skyline.

2. Why book Dhow Charter?

The answer is simple- to make your functions, affairs and events extraordinary. While you are toiling to search for a perfect venue for our next occasion and dealing with all kinds of shortcomings from layout to pricing, the dhow cruise provides an ideal setting. Cutting down all the hassles, the dhow upgrades your usual celebrations with its out-of-the-box venue. Isn’t it exquisite that you are dancing and cheering the toast with your pals, bae and folks on the cruise, all to yourselves?

Besides that, the responsible and creative service from the team would take care of everything you desire and dream.

The top reasons to choose the dhow charter are:

– It offers all-age entertainment; from kids going tongue-tied upon enjoying magic tricks to adults rejoicing music and grandparents marvelling at the views of skyscrapers. That means they provide entertainment that is apt for the event.

– The background is one of the reasons that draw tourists. The waterbody is like Venice’s canal and it is tucked between the innovative and beautiful buildings, malls and restaurants and residences of Dubai.

– The team will look after everything from decor to catering. Also, it serves to a various number of people, ranging from 20 to 200 and more.

– It offers the value for money. You will wrap one of the best days of your life at a jaw-dropping price.

– You can take advantage of other onboard facilities like drinks, alcohols and restrooms.

Here are some special occasions that you can book for-

1. Corporate Event:

Sit with your overseas business partners, clients and investors in a warm and formal ambience but surely not like your company’s meeting room. With the right arrangement of dinner and shows, you get to be frank and open to your comrades making the deal more negotiable and effortless.

2. Anniversary:

Nothing is more historic than kneeling in front of your lover and proposing her again on the 25th anniversary, while your kids stand with the board “Marry Her Again” at the back. Let this be done in a significantly awesome way by boarding the dhow cruise which lets you savour the scrumptious 3-course meal, admire the belly dancer and unfold a great time.

3. Birthday:

Hitting your 21st, when you are officially legal to boozing and clubbing and want to make it known to the world in the trendy young style? Book a private dhow cruise and dance the night away as you also explore the urban side of the city.

4. Get Together:

Finally, meeting your college friends after years? Have your get together packed with loads of surprises, fun, entertainment, and food at dhow charter. Spill the beans, catch the live performances, reminisce about your college days, share laughter and dine together like you were never apart.

5. Wedding reception/ Engagement Parties:

You are going to spend the rest of your life with the girl/ boy you adore and love. What could be grander than throwing the engagement ceremony or reception party on the private cruise! Dress up like a prince and princess as the dhow is decorated like a kingdom.

6. Valentine’s Day:

Time to shower the love on your partner with interesting decor coupled with good food and some light music. The cruise floats forward, there is picturesque Dubai in the background, the candlelight dinner is set, and the band plays your favourite romantic song. Get down on your knees in this unbelievable setup, and bewilder her with the ring. The team assembles your requirements, either you need a 4-floored cake, your brand of champagne, thousands of flowers, romantic background music, and the well-crafted buffet menu.

So, now you know the dhow charter in Dubai just needs an excuse to help you pop up the champagne and make merry like there is no tomorrow. The emirate has also launched Dubai Global Cruise Tourism, aimed at boosting cruises in the region, which would certainly be a better experience for those seeking to celebrate a sophisticated extravagance.

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