Water Fun in Dubai: Top 10 Water Parks to Visit in Dubai


Dubai, a city in the UAE along the Arabian Gulf, is famous for its grand architecture, luxurious shopping, lively nightlife, and incredible amusement parks. It is the most visited tourist destination for families throughout the year. Since Dubai is a favorite destination, visitors apply for their Dubai visa and Dubai visit visa well in advance.

The hot weather graces this desert city for most of the year. The best way to beat the sun’s scorching heat is to visit the various water parks in Dubai. When visiting the water parks in Dubai, remember that the UAE is a conservative country, and a bikini is not an appropriate swimwear for women. Women can opt for a one-piece swimsuit while men could wear boardshorts. Keep these tips in mind and enjoy yourself splashing around in the water parks of Dubai. Here is a list of the Best Waterparks in Dubai.

1) Wild Wadi Water Park

wild wadi waterpark

The Wild Wadi water park, situated near the Burj Al Arab, is based on the theme of the Legend of Juha from Arabian folklore. There are over 30 water slides of different thrill levels and a unique upward-moving water network. It is home to the largest wave pool, Breakers Bay, producing 1.5 m waves in five different configurations, and Jumeirah Sceirah, the tallest and fastest slide in the Middle East. This water park has a toddler-friendly play area with over a hundred activities, including water slides, water guns, dumping buckets, and climbing frames.

2) Legoland Water Park

One of the best theme park designed around the activities for kids in Dubai is Legoland Dubai. The Legoland Water Park is part of the Legoland Theme Park for children between 2 to 12 years. This park has more than 20 rides and slides for the children to have a fun day splashing around and experiencing the various pulse-racing adventure. Build your boat or a raft with Lego bricks and ride it down the Lego river. The various colorful rides that will enthrall the little ones in this park are Duplo Splash Safari, Splash Out, Slide Racers, Build a Raft River, Twin Chasers, Red Rush, and Joker Soaker.

3) Aquaventure Water Park

atlantis aquaventure dubai

If you love adventure, enjoy the expansive fun spanning over 42 acres in Aquaventure Water Park. There are over 70 rides to choose from in this water park. Aquaconda, the largest tube water slide; Leap of Faith, a 9-story tall water ride that takes you within shark-filled lagoons; Zoomerang, Black Out, and Hydra Racer are the rides not to be missed by the adrenaline junkies. The largest water park in the world, Atlantis Aquaventure, has new additions like Trident Tower, Splashers Cove, and Splashers Lagoon for a fun-filled day full of thrill and adventure. The ticket to Aquaventure water park also provides access to one of the best beaches of Dubai as well for sublime relaxation and strolls.

4) Laguna Water Park

Laguna waterpark Dubai

Laguna Water Park is the latest addition to the water parks in Dubai, located in the heart of picturesque La Mer. The Laguna tickets give access to a private beach, an infinity pool, and cabanas. This water park consists of four zones (Splash Zone, Surf Zone, Slides Zone, and Relax Zone) that offer fun and adventure, from exciting tube rides, water slides, and pools with good sanitation systems. Thrill-seekers can experience the thrill at the attractions in the park, like the Manta, Loop, Mad Racer, Free Fall, and Constrictor. Enjoy a surfing experience at WaveOZ 180 FloRider, a 180o surf simulated Free Fall.

5) Splash ‘N’ Party Water Park

Splash 'N' waterpark

Image Credit: www.masala.com

Splash N Party is in the Al Safa 2 area. The park, though small compared to other water parks in Dubai, is no short of a splash-filled day out with kids. The water play structure with a tip bucket and slides will keep the little tots occupied for hours. Children can choose to swim in the swimming pool, go zip lining, or try bungee jumping in the park. The park hosts programs by residents where children show their acrobatic skills or singing shows to enthrall the audience. Adults can relax in the cafe area while watching their kids have fun.

6) Aquaduck Recreational Playground LLC

The Aquaduck water park is a temperature-controlled splashing oasis in the heart of Dubai City. The cool water energizes the kids in the summer, and its lukewarm water relaxes during the winter. A perfect place for kids between 3 years to 14 years of age, where they can build memories while enjoying splashing around the slides, wheels, water cannons, flume, and tilting bucket. Sing your heart out at the Glow in the dark Karaoke room, be a young Picasso in the Arts and Crafts room, or chill out at the Aquaduck Cafe.

7) AquaFun

Aquafun is Dubai’s largest inflatable park that spans over 2700 sq mt, with unparalleled views of the Jumeirah Beach Residences in the background. There are over a hundred games and rides in the park for kids and adults to jump, climb, and slide along swings, bumps, monkey bars, and blockades. The distinctive feature is the longest and highest water slides in the shape of the word ‘Dubai’ with calligraphy of the official Dubai logo seen from the sky. There are vigilant lifeguards throughout the park for the safety of visitors.

8) Dubai Hills Splash Park

Dubai Splash Park at Dubai Hills is a “recreational outdoor haven” and the longest residential community park. There are slides for little ones to glide down and games like monkey bars, cargo nets, and a rope swing to have a great day out splashing, while adults can relax on the sandy shores or cool down in the pool. Other attractions in Dubai Hills Park are the Dragon Play Area, Giant Bubble, Skate park, Sandy Park, and an Ice Rink to keep children of all ages entertained.

9) Al Barari Playground

The Al Barari Playground is in the upmarket area of Al Barari. Non-residents can enjoy the activities in the park by paying a small amount. The park houses a massive pirate ship, zip line, climbing frames, and sand areas along the water play area where kids can cool off. After a tiring day playing in the water, kids can gorge on sugar-free ice creams at the Dairy Shed, burgers, fries, and hotdogs in the Guilt Burger Shop. Adults can relax at the lounge, Hideout, while your kids are at play.

10) Jungle Bay

Jungle Bay Waterpark dubai

Image Credit: www.lifefloor.com

Jungle Bay Water Park is on the bay of Mina Seyahi and is open for guests of Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resorts. The park is designed in blue and white color, inspired by the islands of Greece. Attractions in the park include Aqua Play, a splash area for kids to keep them entertained throughout the day; Whizzard (Mat Racer), a 130-inch-long tube that twists and turns with a 360o loop; body slides; gentle kids slides; and Family Waves, a 6 m wave pool. The Refuel Cafe near the beach serves delectable appetizers to the guests.

Always book your tickets well in advance while visiting these water parks. Try to reach early to avoid the queues, and study the brochure of the water parks you would like to see so that you do not miss out on the major rides. Water parks undertake their annual maintenance around January or February every year. There will be temporary closures. Please check the exact dates before planning to visit these water parks in Dubai.

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