Everything You Need to Know about Visiting Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, has been quite popular for its cultural attractions and architectural marvels like the Grand Mosque, the Qasr Al Watan, Emirates Palace, etc. However, off-late, the city has been adding innumerable entertainment options to its list of attractions for the benefit of the locals and tourists as well. In fact, Abu Dhabi has introduced an entire island, i.e., the Yas Island, solely for the purpose of entertainment. One of the main attractions of Yas Island is the Yas Waterworld. Here you will find everything you need to know about this amazing water park, which you can visit if you have a UAE or Dubai tourist visa.

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi is not only one of the largest water parks in the Middle East but also one of the top 10 ones in the world. Spread around an area of 37 acres, the size of the water park is equivalent to 15 football pitches. Opened in 2013, Yas Waterworld is home to 40 rides and attractions, some of which are one-of-a-kind.

Yas Waterworld Theme


Yas Waterworld celebrates the unique Emirate heritage with Arabic folklore just like Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai. The theme of this water park is based on the story of the Emirati girl who goes in search of The Lost Pearl. The highlight of this water park is the large pearl that sits on top of the Jebel Dhana, as the centerpiece of Yas Waterworld. All the zones, décor, and ambience of the park is based on this Emirati folklore and the pearl.

Yas Waterworld Rides


This enormous water park is home to around 40 water slides, rides, and pools. From kids’ rides to thrilling ones, there are rides for everyone here. We will take a look at some of the best and the most popular rides and attractions of Yas Waterworld.

Jebel Drop: The tallest water slide of the region, the Jebel Drop is equivalent to a 10-storied building. Apart from the thrill of sliding down into the pool from such a height, you also get to enjoy an amazing view of the park and the island during this joy ride.

Bandit Bomber: One of the most unique attractions of Yas Waterworld, Bandit Bomber is the longest suspended rollercoaster in the Middle East. Right from enjoying the speed to trying to dodge the water cannons, Bandit Bomber is a joy ride through and through.

Dawwama: Dawwama is considered to be the ultimate experience of Yas Waterworld. It is the largest six-person tornado water coaster in the world, where you plunge from a great height at high speed along with 5 others. It is the best ride to enjoy with your family and friends.

Liwa Loop: One of the best water slides of the region, Liwa Loop is the first freefall drop waterslide in the Middle East. It is a looping waterslide that takes you straight down to the pool. Remember that it is a high-intensity slide and only for the brave-hearted ones.

Amwaj: Amwaj gives you the chance to have a beach experience at the water park. Amwaj is a wave pool that has 4 types of waves and can be enjoyed by people of all ages, making it perfect for families.

Falcons Falaj: Enjoy the adrenaline rush as this water coaster twists, turns, and drops down at high speed. Falcons Falaj is a 6-seater coaster and great for adults who love adventure.

Al Raha River: If you want to take a break from the thrilling rides, head to Al Raha River. It is a lazy river where you can relax as the float gently slides you down the winding stream. You also get to enjoy the views of the water park during the ride.

Bubbles Barrel: If you love surfing, you no longer need to visit a beach or wait for the right waves. Instead, head over to Bubbles Barrel, which is the largest surfing sheet wave in the world. Learn to surf or flaunt your surfing skills here.

Tot’s Playground: Just because Yas Waterworld is filled with thrilling rides, slides, and attractions, it does not mean you cannot visit the place with little children. In fact, there is Tot’s Playground where the little ones will have a fun time enjoying playing in the infant pool and slide complex.

Few other popular attractions of Yas Waterworld include Cinesplash, Cannon Point, Sebag, Rush Rider, Slithers Slides, Water Wars, Yehal, Rush Rider, Marah Fortress, Hamlool’s Humps, etc.

Yas Waterworld Timings

Yas Waterworld Timimg

Yas Waterworld is open throughout the week. Here are the timings:

  • 10 AM to 7 PM: Sunday to Thursday
  • 10 AM to 7 PM: Sunday to Thursday
  • 10 PM to 1 PM: Friday

How to Reach Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld

It takes 25 minutes to reach Yas Waterworld from Abu Dhabi city by car and 50 minutes from Dubai. You can also use the free shuttle service that runs daily from Dubai and Abu Dhabi city center. In case you book your Yas Waterworld tickets through a travel company or agent, you can also include pick-up and drop-off services in your tour package.

Tips for Visiting Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld

  • Similar to the water parks in Dubai rules, swimwear should be modest and not too revealing. The authorities at the water park have the right to decide if swimming costumes are modest or not.
  • Swimwear should be modest and not too revealing. The authorities at the water park have the right to decide if swimming costumes are modest or not.
  • Only waterproof diapers should be used for infants and toddlers. These diapers are available at the store inside the water park.
  • No outside food and drinks are allowed inside the park. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes inside the water park, where you can enjoy different types of foods and beverages.
  • Smoking is allowed only in the designated areas, which are in the parking area.
  • You can rent private cabanas (available for 4 people and 6 people) to rest and relax for some time while exploring the water park.
  • It is important to apply sunscreen and keep yourselves hydrated while exploring the water park.


As the Yas Waterworld promises adventure, excitement, and a good time, you must make time to visit this water park during your Dubai or UAE trip. So, without wasting time, book your tickets, apply for your UAE or Dubai visa, and get ready to spend a day in one of the best water parks in the world.

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