11 Upcoming Mega Projects in Dubai


The fascination and anticipation of what’s next in Dubai never fade. When you think Dubai can’t get any more creative, the emirate decides to outdo itself and pleasantly surprise you with another extraordinary attraction. Previously, Dubai was a desolate desert region dotted with a few fishing settlements. The emirate began to prosper at the turn of the 20th century and started showing interest in becoming the next technologically advanced global metropolis. Its city skyline has changed dramatically since then, and it is changing every year with new, never-before-seen architectural splendors.


Today, its skyline has additions such as the Burj Al Arab, the Burj Khalifa, and the Emirates Towers. The list keeps growing, including the Palm Jumeirah, the Museum of the Future, and more. Travelers are drawn to Dubai not only because of the dynamic changes in the city skyline but also for its exquisite and out-of-this-world experiences. So, what’s the newest adventure to be added to Dubai’s incredible line-up? These five projects are generating the most buzz regarding the destinations that tourists will find most appealing in the near future. Check them out!

Upcoming Projects in Dubai to Watch Out for…

1. Market Island

Market Island is a brand-new international project from Zemskiy Group, a Russian real estate company making its first opening in Dubai. It spans 6,500 square meters of floor space at the Dubai Festival City Mall and features over 50 new cuisines catered through various food stations, designated restaurant spaces, bars, and lounges. The Market Island will provide a distinctive dining experience and act as a tourist and recreation hub where visitors can take in live performances and DJ shows by talented artists. The Market Place at Dubai Festival City is scheduled to open in December 2023.

2. Dubai Reefs

Dubai is currently working on the biggest ocean restoration project in the world! Dubai Reefs is a mega-innovative project that Dubai-based developer URB is spearheading to create the largest artificial reef in the world, measuring about 200 square meters and covered in millions of mangroves and coral reefs. Dubai Reefs, a ground-breaking project envisioned as a floating living laboratory for marine ecotourism, aims to support the conservation and restoration of marine life while providing a platform for individuals to engage in distinctive ecotourism experiences, such as staying in floating eco resorts and lodges and discovering distinctive wellness pursuits like underwater forest bathing.

3. The Island by Wasl

It is another new upcoming tourist attraction in the UAE. It is a mega recreational hub under construction, and when completed, it is expected to be Dubai’s newest hotspot. Getting ready on a 26-acre artificial island off the coast of Dubai, this massive project is one of the most eagerly anticipated venues in Dubai, as it will house opulent hotel chains like MGM, Bellagio, and Aria, which are all set to debut in the Middle East, as well as many more places for entertainment, dining, and shopping.

4. Tower at Creek Harbour

The construction of this sleek tower started in 2017; since then, it has been delayed. Emaar Properties is now planning to redesign the project, start over with fresh ideas, and begin construction this year. The Tower at Creek Harbour, located within the massive residential development of Dubai Creek Harbour, will serve as the area’s prominent icon and main tourist point.

5.  Al Quoz Creative Zone

Dubai’s Al Quoz neighborhood is known for its art and culture. Every nook and cranny of the area drips with artistic flair and creativity. Taking this vibe a step further, the area will soon be transformed into the Al Quoz Creative Zone to serve as a haven for the art community and a source of inspiration. The venue will resemble a massive exhibition showcasing the skills and talents of both local and international artists. With this massive renovation, Al Quoz Creative Zone will become the UAE’s largest artist community.

6. Floating Mosque

Just like many of its firsts, Dubai has incepted the idea of creating the first-ever underwater mosque in the world. The emirate has made the necessary preparations and is well on its way to making another impossible vision a reality in the future. The construction is expected to cost a whopping 55 million dirhams! The mosque will have three floors and will include a large prayer room, a multi-purpose hall, and a space for Islamic exhibitions. The project will be realized by Waterstudio, Netherlands, a key player in the architectural field that creates amazing floating structures all over the world. The mosque is currently under construction and is scheduled to open in 2025.

7. Jumeirah Marsa Al Arab

Dubai’s stunning Persian coastline now has yet another luxury address. By the end of 2023, you can enjoy a luxurious stay at Jumeirah Marsa Al Arab, a new addition to the collection of opulent Jumeirah hotels. Situated near Jumeirah Public Beach, this plush hotel promises unrivaled views of the breathtaking Dubai cityscape, the serene Persian Gulf, and the stunning Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. Apart from cozy, luxurious stays with all the modern amenities required for discerning tourists, this hotel offers 387 rooms and suites, an 82-berth superyacht marina by D-Marin, outstanding spa settings, and dining locations.

8. The Loop

The URB group initiated this mega project, with the same team building the Dubai Reefs project. Set for completion by 2040, Dubai will feature a 93-kilometer city-wide temperature-controlled urban highway named The Loop, connecting residents and visitors across the city. The aim is to provide easy access for residents and visitors to walk and cycle around the Dubai perimeters. This world-class mega project is set to use eco-friendly and sustainable technologies, with sustainability being its core foundation for building urban agriculture, lush green parks, and world-class amenities for the nearby residents, with a commitment to providing a zero-carbon emission and sustainable transportation system. Over 80 percent of the city’s population is expected to use this transportation medium, which is a perfect place to unite communities through vertical parks powered by 100 percent recycled water, along with wellness and leisure amenities.

9. Dubai Urban Tech District

A futuristic and green mega-project initiated by the URB group, it aims to redefine the creek banks in Al Jaddaf with sustainability and green elements. It spread lavishly over 140,000 square meters; the URB groups describe this ambitious mega project as a “living laboratory,” a mini city inside a city that will stand as a benchmark for green urban tech, creativity, and innovation. This urban tech district is set to provide 4,000+ jobs with modern amenities for training, conferences, seminars, business incubation, and research. As part of its sustainability initiative, carbon emissions will be nullified during its construction and subsequent operations.

10. Palm Jebel Ali

The Palam Jebel Ali is undergoing renovation to house a Sea Village, a mega water park, six spectacular marinas, and charming boardwalks with inscriptions of poems written by Sheikh Mohammed, which will reimagine the meaning of an entertainment and cultural hub for all visitors and tourists. HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the current ruler of Dubai and the UAE’s vice president, unveiled this master plan on May 31, 2023. Seven connected islands will feature ultra-luxurious homes, modern entertainment, cultural hubs, and almost 80+ new hotels spread over an incredible 13.4 square kilometers. Deeper insights are yet to be opened to the public. Still, the anticipation of this mega project is surely on the cards.

11. Expansion of the Al Maktoum International Airport

Dubai World Central (DWC) will undergo an expansion that will eventually be termed the largest airport worldwide. The expansion will increase its capacity to 260 million passengers from its current capacity of up to seven million. Although the plan is set for 250, this mega project is set to be rolled out in two phases, with Phase 1 set for 2030, where its annual capacity would increase to 130 million at the West Terminal building, Concourse 1, and include two more runways to meet global demand. The intention is to set the benchmark even higher for this world-class airport to provide a complete retail experience featuring relaxation, entertainment, leisure, and food hubs.

Dubai’s Astounding Splendors So Far…

Dubai is well known for having a wide range of avant-garde attractions and experiences up its sleeve. The emirate became the center of attention around the world thanks to these amazing feats of engineering and innovation. If you visit Dubai, you will undoubtedly see these extraordinary spectacles unique to the city.



  • Burj Khalifa: Located in Downtown Dubai, Burj Khalifa has become an iconic symbol of modern Dubai and is a default feature while showcasing Dubai’s scintillating modern skyline. The tallest standing tower in the world is one of the most photographed buildings in the world!


  • Museum of the Future: Boasted as the most beautiful structure ever made in the world, the Museum of the Future broke away from the usual tall, looming skyscraper structures at Sheikh Zayed Road. It made people marvel at a metallic, oval-shaped architectural marvel etched with Arabic writings. Inside this attraction, one is catapulted to a futuristic version of mind-blowing exhibits that offer a surreal sensory experience like never before.
  • Palm Jumeirah: Dubai proudly showcased the biggest-ever inhabited artificial islands in 2006-2007 as Palm Jumeirah opened its doors to welcome locals and tourists to explore a wide-spread palm tree-shaped island jutting into the Persian Gulf. Today, Palm Jumeirah is home to exquisite apartments, residential properties, and world-class luxury hotels, including the Atlantis the Palm. This integrated resort has the biggest waterpark in the UAE, a one-of-a-kind aquarium, and a dolphin and sea lion attraction built into its arena.


With these fascinating projects under its belt, it is no wonder that Dubai remains a global leader in urban development and a source of inspiration for cities all over the world as it strives harder than ever to make seemingly impossible feats a reality. These upcoming megaprojects indicate that Dubai’s future is indeed promising. So, keep an eye on this thriving city as it keeps shaping the world of tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the latest mega project initiated in Dubai?

Dubai has always surprised its audiences with world-class mega projects that will redefine its landscape and provide ultra-modern amenities and world-class experiences for its residents and tourists. The Dubai Creek Tower, which is set to be the tallest building worldwide with mesmerizing panoramic vistas 1,300 meters from sea level, will take your experience to a new benchmark. Apart from this, the Etihad Rail Project, the expansion of the Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai Reefs, Palm Jebel Ali, and The Loop are some of the mega projects initiated in Dubai.

What are the modern challenges impacting the Dubai landscape?

In today’s modern world, urbanization and modernization have significantly increased carbon emissions, air pollution, noise, safety, and congestion. And this is not only limited to Dubai; it is a burning issue that needs to be addressed for all global cities. These modern city challenges need green and sustainable initiatives to build a better future for humans and the planet. Each mega project initiated in Dubai focuses on sustainability using green and eco-friendly technologies.

Why are mega projects required in the Dubai landscape?

Dubai has always fascinated its residents and tourists with its dazzling attractions, entertainment and cultural hubs, and world-class amenities. With Dubai being the modern tourist hub of the East, there needs to be new, ambitious, and transforming mega projects that will reimagine the experience for its residents and tourists.

How long is The Loop?

The Loop aims to provide three million residents with a healthy and eco-friendly transportation medium. It is built on a temperature-controlled highway stretching 93 kilometers in length. With the completion of this project, walking and cycling around Dubai, irrespective of the climate and the time of the day, will be a piece of cake.

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