Best Places to Shopping in Dubai

Shopping and Dubai are two inseparable terms. It’s almost impossible to visit Dubai and not buy anything. Amazing malls, uncountable shops, the best of world brands, mind- boggling variety, and an electrifying environment, defines Dubai shopping. If you’re visiting the city during its world famous Dubai shopping festival, you can simply multiply the excitement, energy, variety, and vibrancy by ten times. No wonder, Dubai witnesses over 4 millions of tourists for shopping in Dubai during this one-month festival alone. Even if you missed the Dubai Shopping festival, there are still way too many options to satiate the shopper inside you.

The Malls of Dubai

Dubai is a world of malls, and not just any malls, it owns some of the world’s best, most gigantic and uber luxurious ones. The others who don’t fall into the world’s best category too are better than many you have ever seen.

1. The Dubai mall

One of the biggest malls in the world, the Dubai mall has everything a shopper can dream of. From the best international brands to the world’s largest candy store, it has every shopping option. The mall in total has 1200 shops, 250-room luxury hotel, 22 cinema screens plus 120 restaurants and cafes inside. It also has 14000 parking spaces. The mall has on display the world’s largest suspended acrylic Dubai aquarium with 10 ton liters of water and 33000 marine species. The mall also has an underwater zoo, and offers a breathtaking view of the Dubai fountain (world’s largest themed water fountain). In 2015 the mall recorded the visitor footfall of 92 million.

2. Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta mall
Ibn Battuta mall is a must visit not only for its shopping choices but for its architecture. The mall is the world’s largest themed mall and is built on the excursions of legendary Arabian Traveler Ibn Battuta. During his voyage, he had been to six different nations and the mall too is divided into six sections with each section defining the look, architecture, and feel of that country. These sections are called courts and the mall has an Egypt court, India court, China court, Andalusia court, Persia court, and Tunisia court. The mall already has 270 shops, 50 restaurants, a 21-screen cinema and over 4,500 parking spaces on a total of 521,000 square meters, and now expansion is in process to create another 150 shops.

3. Mall of emirates

Mall of the emirates
One of the three world’s biggest malls, the Mall of Emirates is another feather in Dubai’s cap for creating colossal shopping malls that make shopping an experience beyond expression. The mall has more than 630 retail outlets, 7900 parking spaces, over 100 restaurants & Cafes, 80 luxury stores and 250 flagship stores. Beyond these, the mall also has Ski Dubai- UAE’s only and Middle East’s first ever indoor snow and ski park), a 500-seat capacity Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre and Magic planet, one of the largest indoor family entertainment centers in Dubai, and more.

The Souks of Dubai

Dubai is not only known for its gigantic malls and modern setups, but also for the traditional markets (known as souks in Arabic). These markets have their own charm and visited by millions of tourists from across the world.

1. The Gold Souk

Diera Gold Souk
The Gold souk in Dubai is one of the world’s biggest gold market in the world, with 300 retailers dealing with over 10 tons of gold every day. Not only that, Dubai gold souk is probably the only souk in the world that allows you to haggle while buying one of the most precious in the world. Bargain your way to buy the gold jewelry at your desired price.

2. The Spice Souk

Spice Souk in Dubai
The spice souk in Dubai is home to the world’s most exotic spices and condiments. A regular shopping place of the best of world chefs, the aroma of these spices will simply blow your mind. From the best known Asian herbs to the exotic ‘masalas’; the spice souk is your place to be for irresistible spices and condiments, that too at bargained prices.

3. The textile Souk

The Textile Souk in Dubai
A world of fabrics brought from all over the globe, the textile souk is loved by tailors, visitors and locals for the sheer variety and the bargained prices. From the best of boutiques to the smallest tailor shop, the materials are majorly bought from here. You can find numerous varieties of silk, Pashmina, wool, and cotton at the textile souk.

4. The Perfume Souk

The Perfume Souk
One of the most fragrant lanes of the city, the perfume souk is a haven of the world’s best perfume brands and their fake ones. The traditional Arabian ‘Ittars’ too are available in unimaginable variety at the souk. You can haggle and get your desired price but beware of shoppers selling you fake perfumes in the original packaging.

5. Dubai Flea Market

Dubai Flea Market
Your place to be for all the second hand items, antiques, and household items, home appliances, furniture, textile, ceramics, electrical equipment, toys, games, books, DVD’s, clothes, accessories, handcrafts and more. The market sell used but does not sell fake and that is why it is loved by all.

6. The Dragon Mart

dragon mart dubai
The Dragon mart is the world’s largest trading center for Chinese products outside mainland China. The sheer variety of products offered makes it a favorite of the visitors. The mart is 1.2 kilometers long and is divided into seven zones for the ease of shoppers. The mart sells all from furniture, building materials, children activity stuff, electronics, decoration items and more. Since its expansion, the Dragon mart which has received a 25% jump on its regular footfall. It hit the record mark of 110000 people during peak hours of the annual Dubai’s Shopping festival.

The malls and shopping souks of Dubai take shopping to a completely different level. There is a plethora of more shopping avenues in Dubai that needs your attention including the Burjuman Centre, Diera City Centre, Mercato mall, Mirdif city center, The Village mall, Dubai Festival city mall, and more. So wait no more, Dubai- the world of shopping is waiting for you. Plan your trip today!

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