Sharjah Light Festival – The Cultural Emirate Steals The Show in February


Dubai has continued to log the limelight when it comes to the UAE. But in February, Sharjah’s streets are flooded with lights, decorations, and electrifying events commemorating the onset of the Sharjah Light Festival. As the UAE’s capital city, Sharjah is renowned for its traditional Arabian markets. This festival celebrates the art of drawing with light, enhancing music and imagery to the next level. The festivities enhance the elegance of the city’s popular landmarks and historic sights. Kickstarted in 2011 to lure tourists to get deeper insights into the cultural heritage of Sharjah, this festival truly illuminates the Emirate with mesmerizing installations and digital visual spectacles for 11 days. Into its 13th year, this fascinating festival combines an assorted collection of internationally renowned visual designers and digital media artists who make Sharjah’s prominent buildings their canvas for the next 11 days. Every year, the festival makes efforts to innovate and enhance its installations by bringing together new techniques of visual projections, technological advancements, new artists, and energy-saving options for lighting. Over the years, it has become one of the most sought-after events to look forward to while visiting Sharjah so that guests can witness this grand spectacle of illumination and heritage fused together.

Check out the fabulous destinations where you can enjoy the best of this captivating spectacle in Sharjah.

1. Overview

Sharjah Light Festival 2024 dates: 7th to 18th February 2024.

Sharjah Light Festival timings: Sundays to Wednesday: 6 pm to 11 pm, Thursday and Saturday: 6 pm to 12 am.

Ticket Prices: A single entry ticket for adults above 12 years is USD 2.83. Children below 11 years and senior citizens above 60 years do not have an entry fee. A Seasons Pass will cost you USD 34.01 per adult.

Sharjah Light Festival Locations: The Sharjah Light Festival is vividly spread across the Emirate with decorated streets, electrifying digital light shows and projections, enchanting music, and creative imagery. The most prominent ones include the Sharjah Police Headquarters, Al Rafisah Dam, Al Noor Mosque, Kaba Waterfront, Sharjah Mosque, BEEAH HQ, Al Dhaid Fort, Al Hamriyah New General Souk, Al Majaz Waterfront, Khalid Lagoon, and Dibba Al Hisn city. Most illuminations and shows are hosted in the heart of the Sharjah area. Visitors and tourists can opt for a Hop On Hop Off City Tour, which journeys through all the locations of the Sharjah Light Festival.

2. Summarizing the light and digital illuminations of the Sharjah Light Festival 2024

Light Shows

The beautifully curated light shows and captivating music transform the Sharjah streets into a spectacular glow, creating a marvelous and harmonious blend of contemporary and modern cultures.

A Sublime canvas

Beautiful Sharjah mosque decorated with lights.

The imposing Sharjah Mosque is renowned for its spectacular architecture, further enhanced through a captivating display at night. Futuristic art illustrations are displayed through creative architectural projections, illuminated facades, and the mosque’s minaret. The illuminated display highlights key elements of the mosque’s architecture that are not highlighted during the day.

A Treasure Trove of History

Beautiful mosque decorated with lights.

The Dibba Al Hisn city hosts a beautiful treasure trove of history shows focusing on Islamic art as a tapestry of incredible beauty, rich culture, and amazing history. It is characterized by Islamic design ornaments, vegetal patterns, and geometric design, with digital art design being the core foundation of the show.

Elemental Reflections

Element reflection at Kalba Waterfront

The Kalba Waterfront hosts an immersive artwork display combining sound and light elements while drawing inspiration from the four nature elements of air, water, earth, and fire and the four human components and values – the heart’s rhythm, the significance of togetherness, the inspiring ability, and the everlasting concept of hope. This enchanting display highlights the blending of the above elements through immersive metaphors, where the Kalba Waterfront acts as a perfect canvas and creates reflective imagery of the magnificent sea.

Enchanted Dimensions

Beautiful mosque with lightings all over.


The Al Noor Mosque hosts the Enchanted Dimensions, which combines elements of technology, traditions, and art to create a visually appealing exhibition. This immersive light display highlights the rich cultural heritage of Islamic art powered by modern technologies, thereby captivating its audience with stunning illumination and display while honoring the intricacies of arabesque, geometry, and mosaics.

Echoes of Al Dhaid

Very old and historic fort Al-Dhahid Fort in Sharjah

The ancient Al Dhaid Fort is the perfect backdrop for this profound artistic exploration. Dive deep into the philosophical odyssey, where you come across various elements of cultural legacy, themes of interconnectedness, and the transcendental nature of human experiences. The fabulous immersive experience highlights the rich Emirati heritage and the unknown facets of the human condition.

Luminous Guardians

The Sharjah Police Headquarters hosts a digital illuminating event highlighting the beautiful journey of Sharjah’s cultural heritage. The amazing light choreography is a clear illustration of this. Every light illumination and digital show gives you a glimpse of what has transcended and created major milestones in its profound journeys. The artistic narrative of the culture also highlights the future aspirations of the city and its people, who want to move together for a harmonious community. Highlighting contemporary history and future ambitions, the Luminous Guardians becomes the perfect canvas where the creative stories of the people are narrated through indigenous and vibrant lights, showcasing the need for harmony and enlightenment.

Radiant Illuminations

waterbodies under the night sky at Khalid Lagoon Corniche


This amazing lighting installation covers the entire span of the picturesque Khalid Lagoon Corniche, starting from the Al Noor Mosque and all the way to the Al Majaz Amphitheatre. A beautiful canvas of vivacious colors transforms the skyline, creating a unique wave effect representing the smooth wave transitions, bringing peace, tranquility, and wonder to the audience. This immersive light show is a true reflection of the city’s cultural highlights and its future endeavors.

Reflecting on the circle of life

The BEEAH HQ hosts the sustainable journey at its Sharjah headquarters. The epic journey starts from its inception to intricate spirals that focus on harmonious integration, and the mirrors highlight the best practices to be followed for a sustainable future. As the waves flow through the entire space, it focuses on the delicate balance in the circle of life where all the elements are interconnected and how they need to work in harmony for a sustainable future.

The Jewel of Rafisah Dam

Lightings over mountain at Jewel Al Rafisah Dam

Inspired by the Golden Age of Sharjah, which highlights the essence of modern science, the rich history of Khorfakkan, and the beautiful flora and fauna of the UAE. The key highlight remains the 3D video mapping showing elements of nature, including the mountains, and the amazing transformation of the UAE from a desert oasis to a modern metropolis. The 3D video mapping brings in 12 beautiful swans from the mountain landscape and moves slowly to form a dance coordination on the beautiful waters of the Al Rafisah Dam. This formation is also known as the Queen of Swans, which eventually led the event to be named the Jewel of Rafisah Dam.

The Past meets the Future

Al Hamriyah New General Souk

This show brings hope to focus-driven people by honoring the connection of their amazing past and aspiring towards a brighter future. Numerous heritage elements embedded and powered by modern technology form the core components of this fascinating 3D video mapping show at Al Hamriyah New General Souk.

Waves of Reflection

waves of reflection at Al Majaz Waterfront

The magnificent kinetic lights installation is hosted on the Al Majaz Waterfront, which offers a beautiful view of the entire Sharjah city. Elements of dynamic light are created using a unique fusion of technology and art that makes the audience contemplate and wonder in this awe-inspiring show. The show kickstarts post-sunset, creating vibrant hues in sync with the gentle movements of the surroundings. An amazing light choreography that you should never miss out on as it showcases the vibrant energy of this beautiful Arab city.

The Light Village

You will find numerous food trucks where you can quench your hunger for the best local and international cuisine, along with several retail therapy options. Choose from tantalizing street foods, fine burgers, fusion recipes, exquisite desserts, and traditional varieties to fulfill your food desires. Placed right beside Sharjah’s University City Hall, you can browse through an immersive gallery with a ball pit and mirror ball exhibits, a kids’ playground, games zones, and other activities that bring massive fun and entertainment across all age groups.

SLF Eats & Shops

The organizing committee has shortlisted 50 elite vendors that offer an exquisite collection of local, international, and fusion cuisine. Whether you want to hog on burgers, specialty coffees, or healthy salads, you can name the recipe, and you are sure to find it here for the entire duration of the Sharjah Lights Festival.

Light Installations & Experiences

You will find several fun and entertaining activities opposite the University Cill Hall across all age groups. No matter which part of the globe you belong to, you will be awe-inspired with this fascinating immersive gallery that displays a spectacular array of conceptual light elements, including exhibits and a play area.

Conclusion –

Sharjah stands among the cultural highlights of the UAE and hosts the spectacular Sharjah Light Festival in February each year. This festival highlights the values, achievements, and cultural heritage through captivating light illuminations and shows. Many international and local artists, musicians, and light technicians combine their skills to work in sync to create this magnificent event. You cannot think of missing out on this event if you are in the UAE during this time. Participate in the festivities of this event and take back enchanted memories of a lifetime.

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