Green Planet Dubai- A Complete Guide 2024


The most expensive city in the world with all the luxury one could seek is Dubai. It is the heartland of the United Arabs Emirates (UAE). Dubai has everything from big mansions to street shopping, everything anyone can ask for on a holiday. There is something in the city that seizes your heart and keeps you wanting more after the trip. There are many places you can visit and things that you can do in Dubai, including desert safari, dhow cruise, etc. Though this place is known for its modern architecture, it is also blessed with green peace. Every place gives a different feel, knowledge, fun, and thrill. But if you are in Dubai and you missed The Green Planet Dubai then you are at a great loss.

Here are some of the most amazing activities that you can encounter in Green Planet Dubai.

The Green Planet Dubai


 The Green Planet Dubai will make sure to take you close to flora and fauna. It is home to around 3000 species of plants and animals. It is the best place to visit with your family. The place educates its visitors about the importance and types of tropical forest. This place is the major attraction of Dubai in terms of nature and education. You will witness snakes, reptiles, bugs, piranhas, and many more. The authorities would make sure to give you the most authentic information.

A vertical forest, the Green Planet has four different forest levels: The Mild Story, The Canopy, The Flooded Rainforest, and The Forest floor. Also, the main attraction that one can enjoy here is Sugar Glider Encounter, Reptile Encounter, Bird Encounter, and Bat Caves. If you visit the Green Planet make sure to spend a day here to enjoy the beauty and peace of nature.

Highlights of the Green Planet

 There are some things that you must do on the Green Planet and for your convenience, we have listed a few of them:

Reptile Encounter:

During the reptile encounter, you get a chance to interact with snakes, lizards, turtles, and chameleons for twenty minutes.

 Bird Encounter:

The schedule for bird interaction lasts for twenty minutes. Here you get an opportunity to explore different bird species.

The Mighty Bat Cave:

The most thrilling thing to do here is to enter the bat’s cave. This activity takes place around afternoon, every day. Make sure to notify the authorities at the entrance for participating in the activity.

 Sloth Encounters:

If you want to get close to the Sloths then do participate in the Sloth Encounter activity. You will get to see the sloths hanging upside down on the trees, at a close distance.

Sugar Glider Encounter:

The 20-minute interaction will amaze you as you will see the sugar gliders, gliding from one tree to another with the help of their thin skin flap.

 Australian Walkabout:

Here you get an opportunity to get information about Lace Goanna Lizards, lizards and turtles, wallabies, and different species.

Important Tips for Visiting Green Planet Dubai


 Visiting any place for the first time is always confusing, to make your visit easier to The Green Planet, we have some tips for you:

  • If you are scared of creepy crawlies, then you must take some assistance from the authorities
  • Make sure, if you are with children then they must not touch the animals
  • If possible try to visit during the early hours to avoid crowds
  • Make sure no to take many pictures. If you do take pictures, do not flash on the animals, it might irritate them.

Summer Camps

The Green Planet is one of the best places to visit in Dubai in summer for locals and visitors to enjoy some cool, refreshing greenery when the temperature shoots up in the summer months. Summer camps are the best way to indulge your children and develop their eco skills around nature. The activities are designed in such a way that they will surely enhance their knowledge about the environment and animals. The activities include interaction with more than three thousand species.

The camps start in the month of July and end around August. The camps are for children between the age of five to twelve years old. The camps are hosted from Sunday to Wednesday every week. The timings are scheduled from 9 AM to 2 PM.

The Green Planet Policies and Guidelines

  • The rate for children is applicable from the age of 3 to 12 years
  • Guests must follow the instructions given by the Green planet authorities and staff
  • Eatables are not allowed inside the premises
  • Cameras and photography are allowed inside the park but without flash
  • Please make sure to wear respectful attire
  • Please avoid touching, disturbing, and harassing the inhabitants of the Green Planet Dubai.

Location and Timings

 The Green Planet is located at City Walk, Dubai and has its visiting hours from 10:00 AM to 7 PM evening.

 How to Reach the Green Planet?

 By Metro:

The nearest station is the Dubai Mall Station. Take the red line for the station. From there you can take a taxi to reach your destination.


You can directly book any private cab or public taxi to reach the Green Planet.


 If you are a travel enthusiast and you haven’t planned a trip to Dubai, then you are missing a thrilling trip. So do not think much, pack your bags, and grab your tickets. Have Fun!

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