Eid in Dubai – A Guide to Celebrations and Festivities


Dubai is an ultra-modern city. It welcomes all cultures and people with open arms. However, when it comes to celebrating religious, traditional, and cultural events, it sticks to its root. That’s why Eid in Dubai is observed with much pomp and vigour. This much-awaited festival of the year is celebrated with traditional rituals, cultural programs, and delicious feast.  Locals and tourists partake in this joyous celebration with full energy.

Eid in Dubai: A Cultural Extravaganza

Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha are, arguably, the two Islamic religious days that are celebrated magnificently in Dubai, among others. These two occasions mark the end of the holy month of fasting called Ramadan. The city is adorned with a spectacular decoration of lights and colours. The whole atmosphere is jovial and there is a great sense of camaraderie in the community. People greet each other and wish for the festival. Families head to the mosque for prayer, exchange gifts, and have meals together. Every street comes alive with lighting and the aroma of local delicacies at stalls wafts in the air. You will experience the entire city drenched in the spirit of Eid.

Eid celebration

During this pious occasion, various cultural programs, and shopping and food feasts are organized in the city. Firework displays are also held to brighten up the festival. The best thing about this festival is the several charity works taken in the city wherein the under-privileged are helped with food, clothes, books, etc.

Dubai Festivals: An Event for all the 5 senses

Throughout the Eid celebration, Dubai organizes a diverse range of festivals and events that display the fabulous rich heritage of the city. The Dubai Eid festival is a treasure to behold, that displays musical entertainment, dance performances, and aromatic delicacies. This is the time when you can enjoy the best of hospitality whether you’re visiting locals or when having meals at restaurants.

Why to visit Dubai in Eid?

Eid is an auspicious occasion not just in Dubai but the entire world. Like the entire world, Dubai too gears up for the festival celebration with lots of fervour. The prep work for the festival takes place a few weeks before Eid. Locals paint their houses, hotels and restaurants also come up with new ideas of decoration and serve new types of cuisines.

Try these specialty foods in Eid in Dubai:

food in Eid


This is a savory slow-cooked succulent meat dish made from goat or lamb, which is combined with rice before adding the fried pine nuts on top. The locals enjoy this traditional dish during Eid without fail.

Chicken machboos

Chicken thighs cooked with tomatoes, onions, and herbs is a staple dish during Eid. IT is best enjoyed with basmati rice.


No festival is celebrated without sweet. Therefore, Luquimat is prepared and served in Eid. It is a sweet dish prepared by dipping doughnut-style balls in honey. It’s absolutely heavenly and best fit for the festive occasion.

As a ritual, a goat is slaughtered, which represents Ibrahim’s sacrifice. The goat is then distributed to all the family members to be later cooked with the other fruits and roots for festive eating. By sharing the goat and having it together in the feast symbolizes the joy of sharing and unity among people.

Eid Bazaars and Markets

During Eid in Dubai, several night markets and bazaars are established where you can buy a variety of items from clothing to handicrafts, and delicacies. You can enjoy all types of local dishes visiting street vendors and restaurants.

Things to Do in Dubai During Eid

Eid in Dubai offers several Eid-themed events and exhibitions for visitors and locals. The plethora of activities during Eid can be enjoyed by all ages. For families, the best things to do in Dubai during Eid is to explore the city’s iconic attractions such as the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and Palm Jumeirah.  For satisfying adventurous spirit, taking desert safaris, visiting water parks, and theme parks are the best options.

Must-Visit Dubai Attractions During Eid

The Dubai Mall

dubai mall decoration

No festival is complete without shopping. And the best place to buy things is the Dubai Mall. You can experience the ultimate shopping extravaganza and grab exclusive Eid discounts and promotions. Whether you are interested in buying luxury brands or goods made by local artisans, there’s something for every taste and budget.

Burj Khalifa

One of the top attractions in Dubai, not just in Eid but throughout the year. A visit to the world’s tallest building is must. Book a tour of this tower with access to the observatory deck from where you can enjoy a lifetime of view. The observatory decks of this tower are a vantage point to soak the beauty of the city. When the sun goes beyond the horizon, don’t miss the Dubai Fountain show and Eid fireworks display. These two spectacles will be engraved in your mind and heart forever.

Global Village

This open entertainment avenue is the top Dubai attractions. Witness different cultures of the globe through a collection of eateries, shops, and activities that are brightly unique and all set in the environment of holiday decorations. Global Village is a place to go to during Eid holidays, as you can find authentic arts and crafts and lots of activities to partake with family.

Dubai Parks and Resorts

To enjoy the festival of Eid in Dubai with family, the best place to visit is Dubai Parks and Resorts. The joy and happiness of the festival will double up when you enjoy the thrilling rides and watch entertaining shows. The Dubai Parks and Resorts is a premier amusement centre where you can enjoy Bollywood and Hollywood-themed adventures. From slow to thrilling rides and various outlets to buy souvenirs and taste Arabian cuisines, a visit to this entertainment destination is bound to create memories.

Plan Your Eid Celebration in Dubai

Eid in Dubai is enjoyed by one and all. Whether you are a resident visa holder or visiting Dubai for the first time, this festive occasion filled with joy, laughter, and happiness offers unforgettable experience. Plan your trip to Dubai by contacting our visa consultant and let us help you to make the most of this auspicious occasion. Vacationing in Dubai during Eid promises best cultural and adventurous experience.

Don’t let go the opportunity to partake in Eid in Dubai. Don’t hesitate, reserve your trip as soon as possible and get ready to attend the gathering of various cultures celebrating numerous traditions and moments that you will surely never forget. From immersing in cultural events to exploring world-class attractions, there’s no dearth of reasons to celebrate Eid in Dubai. Experience the magic of Eid in Dubai – a combination of tradition and relevancy where every moment is filled with wonder and delight.

Dubai Attractions Beyond Eid

Eid in Dubai has cultural and spiritual importance. That’s why it’s celebrated religiously. However, there is much to explore beyond this festival in Dubai. So, don’t miss the rich history and heritage. Visit the iconic landmarks such as the Al Fahidi Fort, Dubai Museum, and Jumeirah Mosque. Enjoy culinary delights at markets, bazaars, and restaurants. Witness the magnificence of the desert with desert safari and pamper yourself at luxurious spas and resorts.

Practical Tips for Eid in Dubai

Book Accommodation Early

Considering the large number of tourists coming in over Eid and the fact that the accommodation and the best prices may run out early, book your reservations early to secure reasonable deals and good availability.

Respect Local Customs

Respect Local Customs: Although the city has embraced western culture openly, we should remember that it is also a place with its customs and traditions, and we should also be respectful to them, especially during the Eid (religious holidays). Modesty is the key when visiting mosques or cultural events, so keep it simple.

Stay Hydrated

In Dubai, Eid generally comes with extreme heat, do not forget to keep yourself hydrated. Use of sunscreen is also a great help to protect your skin from direct sunlight during outdoor attractions and activities.

In Dubai, the celebration of Eid is the time of happiness, reflection, and unity. Whether you like lively fairs, firework display, tourist attractions, food festival, or the warm and hospitality of the locals, Eid in Dubai can offer lots of memories to bask on for a lifetime.

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