The Ultimate Guide to Dubai Desert Safari


Did you ever dream that you could explore the vast deserts without fear and capture the sand dunes? Well now you have the golden opportunity to try out the Dubai Desert Safari.

In this adventure you will get to try out various activities like camel riding, dune bashing, and sandboarding. You will also get the opportunity to participate in the local Dubai traditions and enjoy a night under the stars in Bedouin style tents with a lavish dinner. Guests will also have the option to choose between their Safari packages that include morning, evening, or overnight.

So in today’s guide on Dubai Desert Safari we will cover everything you need including fun facts, helpful tips, and budget friendly recommendations. Whether you are traveling solo or with your partner or with your friends and family, there is something for everyone in the Dubai Desert.

Alright, let’s get started!

The Charming Morning Desert Safari

morning desert safari Dubai

For those seeking a serene desert experience, a morning safari is your sweet spot. Enjoy the cool, quiet hours before the crowds invade, catching a breathtaking sunrise painting the sky and sand in vibrant hues. It’s also perfect if your evening is booked or you’d rather dodge the afternoon heat.

If you are planning to watch the breathtaking sunrise in the desert and looking for a serene desert experience, then the Morning Safari is the best choice. Guests will get to enjoy the cool quiet hours in the desert before the hoard of tourists invade.

Activities and Breakfast

The morning Safari package comes with several exciting activities like dune bashing, sandboarding, quad biking, and camel riding. Many guests go the extra mile bhai trying out hot air balloon riding, falconry, and horse riding.

Once you are done with these activities you can enjoy a delightful breakfast in a Bedouin-style camp with Arabic coffee, dates, and traditional sweets.

Timing and Cost

The morning Desert Safari starts from 4:30 a.m. and lasts for 4 to 6 hours. The price ranges from 184 AED to 735 AED per person depending on the number of activities and the tour operator.

There is no option for afternoon Safari as the temperature is high making it extremely uncomfortable for traveling in the desert.

The Exciting Evening Desert Safari

The evening safari promises the best desert experience in Dubai and blends adventure, culture, and entertainment. It is your opportunity to try out the thrilling activities and watch the beautiful sunset with your loved ones, making it an ideal ever lasting memory.

Dive into Adventure and Culture

Here you can try out dune bashing, sandboarding, quad biking, and camel riding. After an exciting evening and the night you can immerse yourself in the rich cultural activities like henna painting, belly dancing, fire shows, tanoura dancing, and shisha smoking.

Tourists can enjoy all these activities while munching on kebabs, grilled meats, salads, bread, and desserts.

Timings and Prices

The evening safari usually starts from 3 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and lasts for around 8 hours depending on the number of activities you want to try. The price will range somewhere between 184 AED to 551 AED per person.

Overnight Desert Safari

If you want to experience the best of the golden desert then the overnight Desert Safari promises the ultimate experience. You get to sleep under the stars miles away from the city noise.

The overnight Safari is ideal for couples looking for a romantic getaway and for a friends group who want to try out adventurous activities.


You can try out all the desert fun activities and then spend a quiet night in a tent or a traditional Arabic house. While in the tent you can enjoy a bonfire, stargazing, night walks, and a hearty breakfast before leaving.

Timings and Prices:

Usually starting from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. the overnight Desert Safari lasts for 18 to 20 hours. The prices range between 370 AED to 1100 AED per person depending on the type of accommodation.

Things to try out at Dubai Desert Safari

Here is the list of some of the popular activities to do at the Dubai Desert Safari:

Dune bashing

If you are participating in the Dubai Desert Safari then one activity that you must not miss out is the Dune bashing. It is a high speed 4 by 4 vehicle drive over the huge sand dunes.

You will be exploring the great Arabian desert on specialized vehicles like Toyota Land Cruiser, Nissan Patrol, or Hummer H2.

Driven by licensed Dubai Tourism Authority experts, these vehicles feature powerful engines, large tires, and safety measures, ensuring a thrilling ride priced between AED 150 to AED 300 per person.

For safe dune bashing:

  • Make sure to wear comfortable light clothes and shoes.
  • Do not have a heavy meal before starting.
  • Please carry plenty of water or sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses and a hat for protection against the scorching Dubai sun.
  • Always follow that driver’s instruction carefully and keep your seat belt on.
  • Stay in the vehicle unless instructed otherwise, avoid dune edges.
  • If unwell, notify the driver and guide promptly.

Camel riding

camel riding

Camels are called the ship of the desert and if you are trying out desert safari you must try out camel riding. The best times for camel riding are early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the heat. You will also get to witness the beautiful sunrise or sunset.

The cost for a camel right average between 50 AED and 200 AED per person depending on the duration, location, and the tour package.

For safe camel riding:

  • Always wear loose and comfortable clothing.
  • Make sure to wear closed shoes to prevent sand irritation.
  • Bring water, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat for sun protection and to avoid dehydration.
  • Follow the guide and camel handler’s instructions, and show respect to the animals.
  • Camels are gentle animals, so approach them calmly. Avoid any sudden movements or noises that might frighten them.
  • Mount and dismount camels carefully, holding onto the saddle securely during their movements.


Sand boarding Dubai

Sandboarding is another exciting activity that you can try in the desert safari. Your feet will be strapped to a wooden or a plastic board and you will be surfing down sand dunes. You will fall once at twice but once you learn how to control the speed and direction and balance with gravity it is a super fun activity.

You can try out specially designed sandboards or sand skis, or sand sledges for the best experience.

Now talking about the prices you will be charged somewhere between 100 AED to 250 AED per person.

Sandboarding safety tips:

  • Avoid carrying any loose accessories that might get lost.
  • Follow guide and instructor instructions, wear provided helmet and gear.
  • Choose a slope and speed matching your skill level; avoid risky tricks.
  • Maintain a safe distance from other sandboarders and avoid obstacles.

Quad biking 

Quad Biking is just like Dune bashing, but here you will be riding four wheeled high powered motorbikes with speed and skillful maneuvers. The most exciting part about quad biking is that you are riding alone. So you have the Liberty to go anywhere within the limit by yourself.

This thrilling adventure offers an adrenaline rush like no other activity. Guests will have the option to choose between powerful and reliable vehicles like Yamaha, Honda, or Polaris. The prices will vary depending on the duration and location and you will be paying somewhere between 200 to 500 AED.

Quad biking safety tips:

  • Follow guide and instructor instructions; use provided helmet and protective gear.
  • Inspect the bike before riding; report any issues to the guide or instructor.
  • Drive responsibly, staying within speed limits and designated tour areas.



Falconry is one of the oldest traditions of the Middle East where the owners used trained falcons for hunting. Now it has become a significant part of Arabian culture.

So while you are relaxing at your bedouin camp you can pay a small amount to watch Falconry. The practice showcases a close connection between the people and these amazing birds.

If you pay a higher amount then you will also get the opportunity to watch the birds closely while they perch on your hand.

Average Price in AED:

The Falcon show in the Dubai Desert Safari will cost you somewhere between 200 to 300 AED depending on the package and the duration.

Henna Painting

Henna painting popularly known across Asia as Mehndi is a traditional form of body painting. Local Bedouin women draw various beautiful designs on your skin using henna paste that leaves a temporary stain.

It has a huge cultural significance across various regions symbolizing joy, beauty, and spiritual awakening.


  • Traditional: Floral and paisley motifs signify nature and growth.
  • Geometric: Symmetrical shapes embody balance and harmony.
  • Symbolic: Designs may include culturally or personally significant symbols.

Benefits and Precautions:

  • Cooling Effect: Henna naturally cools the skin, offering relief in hot desert climates.
  • Allergy Check: Perform a patch test for sensitive skin before a full henna application.
  • Stain Longevity: The longer the henna paste stays, the darker and more enduring the stain.

Average Price in AED:

Henna painting experiences during a desert safari range from 50 to 200 AED, depending on the intricacy of the design and the area covered.

Belly Dancing

Belly dancing, a traditional Middle Eastern dance form, has become a popular entertainment feature in Dubai desert safaris. Rooted in ancient fertility rituals, it is a celebration of femininity and cultural heritage.

Styles and Techniques:

  • Raqs Baladi: Traditional, earthy movements representing local Egyptian dance.
  • Tribal Fusion: A modern blend of various dance styles, combining elements from different regions.
  • Shimmy and Undulation: Signature belly dance moves include rapid hip shimmies and fluid body undulations.

Average Price in AED:

Belly dancing performances are often included in the overall desert safari package, with prices ranging from 200 to 500 AED.

Tanoura Dance

Tanoura Dance Dubai

Tanoura dance is a spiritual performance originating from Sufi traditions. Dancers don vibrant, swirling skirts, symbolising the cosmic rotation and spiritual connection to the divine.

Origins and Meanings:

  • Sufi Influence: The dance has roots in Sufi mysticism, symbolizing the seeker’s journey towards spiritual enlightenment.
  • Color Symbolism: The colorful skirts represent the whirling cosmos, while the dancer’s still upper body signifies inner tranquility.

Average Price in AED:

Tanoura dance is often part of the desert safari entertainment package, with prices ranging from 150 to 300 AED.

Fire Show

The Fire show is another feeling spectacle that you can enjoy at your bedouin camps during dinner. The show combines skilled performers displaying stunts and various other skills with flames. It offers an adrenaline pumping experience.

Safety Measures and Precautions:

  • Make sure to keep a safe distance between the audience and the performers.
  • Trained personal and fire safety equipment are always available on standby to address any emergency situations.

Average Price in AED:

Fire shows are often part of the overall desert safari package, with prices ranging from 250 to 500 AED.

Desert Safari Food and Drinks

Check out these desert safari food and drinks tips:

  • Barbecue Delights: The evening and the overnight Desert Safari comes with a delicious Arabian barbecue dinner. The dinner features grilled meats, kebabs, salads, rice, pasta, and bread.
  • Arabic Treats: You can try out various traditional Arabic delights like dates, Arabic coffee, hummus, tabbouleh, baba ganoush, and baklava.
  • Hydration Choices: Drink plenty of water or fruit juices to avoid dehydration. Alcohol is not included in the dinner menu but you can purchase it separately in the camp.
  • Food Caution: Always avoid hot spicy and fatty food before or during the Safari to avoid any stomach discomfort.

Desert Safari Tips and Tricks

Here are some desert safari tips for you:

  1. Dress Smart: As mentioned many times above, always wear comfortable loose clothing covering arms and legs. You can bring a jacket for the cooler evenings.
  2. Footwear Matters: Wear strong shoes and avoid sandals.
  3. Sun Protection: Apply sunscreen on your arms, legs and your face. Where a hat and a pair of sunglasses for extra protection.
  4. Essentials in Your Bag: Please make sure to carry enough fluids, snacks, cash and the camera.
  5. Leave Valuables Behind: Skip valuables like jewellery; they may get lost or damaged.
  6. Consider Health: If you are pregnant or prone to motion sickness then we advise that you skip dune bashing.
  7. Cultural Respect: Please be respectful of the local customs and ask permission for photographs from the local people. Do not show any public display of affection and do not try alcohol in the public.


The exciting Dubai Desert Safari promises and amazing adventure through the sand dunes, cultural richness and desert beauty. So whether you take part in the morning, evening or overnight safari you will create unforgettable memories.

From exciting dune bashing, the serene sunsets to the beautiful Arabian barbecue dinner every detail will captivate. Remember that the Desert Safari is not only an activity but it is a nature and adventure symphony in the golden Arabian sands.So what are you waiting for? Grab your passport, book a ticket and get ready for a journey beyond imagination!

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