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Are you looking forward to plan your next trip to Dubai? You might be all busy and excited to travel the most lush and plush place of the world. But hold on, did you do your visa right? Either you’re the visitant, expat or tourist it’s ordinary to face the problems of Dubai visa. Dubai is one of the tough (liberal for many) countries that can get you in stress for visas application at times.

Millions come to UAE every year for visit or stay and visa is an essential document procedure to go through. It is definitely a hassle-free process after the digitization has begun. You just have to prove your identity with some source of scanned documents and you are good to go.

But, on some serious grounds like fraud and typo errors issues can arrive that will kill your enthusiasm for the most anticipated tour to the country. So, to avoid any error from your behalf, better study the Dubai visa guide.

1. UAE visit visa rejected due to security reasons

If this is your first time, you might have heard from your colleagues or friends that their visa got rejected due to security reason. After all, what are these security arguments on which problems of Dubai visa come up and someone’s chance to visit a country decreases

1) Any unqualified profession like farmers, laborers is not considered valid for the visa to pass.

2) A big no to the hand written passports.
3) If you had a legitimate residence visa which wasn’t cancelled after your returning, then the PRO of  the  travel agency will have to meet the immigration department and clear your past visa.
4) If in the past you have made request for the visa but couldn’t make it for the tour in the country, then this time the PRO of the said company has to visit immigrations and clear the previous visa.
5) (This is well-known) Any visa handler who has a criminal record of misconduct or any offence either in   UAE or India is rejected.
6)Any typo error as in name, passport number or profession code or a blurred photo/ documents would  delay or reject your visa.
 7) A female below 24 travelling alone could experience delay in the visa’s approval under the                              suspicion  of  human trafficking.

2. What is UID number in Dubai visa?

While looking at the visa in your hand, you can find the six digit number on the top right side of the card. This Unified ID no. is unique for every applicant and is the mandatory code for the Emirates ID application to be completed.

3. What is the fee for UAE visit visa?

The UAE visa application form is absolutely free of charge and can be downloaded from any of the authorized visa agents. After the essential filling of forms and submission of documents, payment can be made online to the respective visa agents. The fee starts from AED 292 depending on the number of hours/ days/ months you are going to stay in the country.

4. Can Dubai tourist visa be cancelled?

Among all the problems of Dubai visa is its cancellation, which indeed is very effortless and easy-breezy 

1) If you are outside Dubai and you feel you can’t make it to the trip this time, ask your agents to  cancel the visa and charges apply accordingly.

2) GCC countries and other nationalities for whom Visa on Arrival is considered, cancellation doesn’t happen.

 3) If you’re in Dubai, visa can only be cancelled at departure or convert it to some other visa for prior-         cancellation.

5. How can I check my Dubai visa is real or fake?

For UAE visa, you can go online and surf sites as ednrd and VisaDubai to know the status of your visa and eventually find out if it’s genuine or not.

6. Do I need a visa for Dubai if I have a connecting flight?

If your connecting flight is within 24 hours of arrival in Dubai, you don’t need a visa. The transit system will only have few immigration checks and you can fly to your next destination.However once you decide to leave the terminal and enter the country, you’ll have to get a transit visa.

7. How long does it take to get a visa to Dubai?

In general, the process takes 3-4 days after the application. But it also depends on the timely submission of documents by you.

8. Why is my UAE visit visa rejected?

Most of the times you can’t find the reason because all that the immigration authorities say is, “The visa got rejected”. And that’s the drawback. But frequently it’s the security reason that keeps you waiting.

9. Can I get a transit visa at Dubai airport?

96 hours transit visa is available on the airport provided you have eligible passport that doesn’t expire for the other 6 months from arrival.

10. How can I check my Dubai visa validity?

You can track the status of application and more with the online software. This helps you learn the current validity that your visa holds.

11. What are the charges for Dubai visa in India?

Starting from AED 320 (INR 5672) to about AED 2500 (INR 44305), the fees of Dubai visa depends on the number of days you want to be in the country. Agents are available to help you merge the best packages like the suitable flights and hotels together.


Dubai is one luminous destination on the globe that people keep trying to visit once in a while. It is fun and surprise at the same time. To keep this happiness at peak, block the problems of Dubai visa with utter attention and accuracy in the documents and information you give. These guidelines help you manage the visa process and create convenience for you while you can focus on other things. There are still changes happening in UAE visa and due to the handiness, it’s just boosting their tourism to another level.

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