Dubai Visa Via Video Call: New Feature Launches for Visa Services


Dubai, the sprawling city of glamour and luxury, is not only the ultimate hub of tourism but also attracts various mindsets from every corner of the world. Every new innovation, business, and start-up is encouraged here, making it one of the most sought-after destinations worldwide. However, unlike other visa application processes, Dubai introduced new UAE visa rules in 2022 with a flexible and beneficial visa system. The main objective was to encourage more growth mindsets, be it for work or leisure, by making the Dubai visa application simpler and more accessible.

The application process for a Dubai visa is quite easy and hassle-free if you follow the correct guide and consult an expert in case of uncertainty. However, Dubai has even tackled such cases by providing an online application service. One can easily avail themselves of a Dubai visa by applying for such online without any mediator. For applying for a Dubai visa online, check more about the visa process at

New Feature Launches for Visa Servic

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In recent news, Dubai made it more accessible, as now Dubai residents can use video calls to make visa applications and use other services. Yes, the UAE’s General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA), Dubai, has introduced new video calling services to allow tourists, residents, and its users around the world to complete and avail of Dubai visa and other residency-related applications within minutes.

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA-Dubai) launched the Dubai visa via video call service on Wednesday, January 11, 2023. It is the latest update on its official website, enabling the customers to contact and interact directly with the officers of the GDRFA, complete the visa application process, get further details, learn the guide, and get their issues resolved through any mobile device. The service can be reached through Amer service number on 8005111. Any device with a front-facing camera can be used to complete the process. This new feature also comes with chat and document upload facilities.

The service takes a higher step towards smart government as customers can avail of and use this feature without interruptions. Individuals can upload necessary documents and images through the chat box while speaking with the GDRFA officers on a video call. Visa officials can even contact the visa applicants through the Dubai visa via video call service if they discover any missing or unclear documents in the application process or if they require any further information from the applicant in order to approve the Dubai visa.

Chairing the media conference on Wednesday, Lieutenant General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, Director General of GDRFA Dubai, applauded the effort and work of the team behind this latest innovation and said that the Dubai visa via video calls can be used for issuing and renewing any type of visa. This includes the golden visa, residency visa, student visa, and visit visa. The director further emphasised the transparency of the agency and welcomed customers to use the full benefits of this service.

“Sometimes, there are pending transactions that require the customer to come to the building. The new service will allow people to see and speak directly to an officer to solve the problem.”
“It’s a normal video call like any other video call. The officer that will meet you in our centre is on the system, in front of you. He will answer if there’s any problem with the application. He will solve your problem while you are online.”

“Amer call centre is for enquires before applying, but the video conference service will be for people who have already submitted an application, and there has been a delay”, he said.

Speaking to the media, the Director of the Customer Happiness Department, Lt. Col. Salem Bin Ali, elaborated that customers can now use this added service of video calls alongside other existing channels, including the call centre and the agency’s contact centres, for inquiries and information across the city.

Zero Visit target

The launch of the Dubai visa via video call service is now operational from morning until 6:00 p.m. in the evening (local time), enabling applicants to gradually complete all the required services provided by GDRFA and thereby reducing the physical visit to the GDRFA office.

GDRFA aims to implement a “Zero Visit” goal for the administration. In rare events, the officer will send a letter to the applicant, and he can schedule an appointment to visit the office for further process.

So, this was all about the latest Dubai visa via video calls, allowing applicants to obtain the Dubai visa quickly and easily.

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