Most Powerful Passports in The World- Your Key to Travel The World


What are the best passports in the world? Why are they the best? And why are its holders lucky? The answer is simpler than you thought. The best and the most powerful passports are the ones with which you can travel to most countries without a visa. For example, the holders of Japan passports can travel to more than 190 countries without any pre-approved visa, while an Afghanistan passport holder will enjoy this liberty for only 27 countries.

Imagine not needing to spend money and going through any visa approval hassle before you plan your holiday or attend your last minute meeting. Not only will you save a lot of money, but also your precious time.

Here’s a list of the world’s most powerful passports in 2023 as revealed by the latest Henley Passport Index; they allow you the maximum freedom with minimal hassle.

UAE Passport

1. Japan

Japan has the topmost spot on the list of the world’s most powerful passport; it has managed to retain this prestigious position for five years in a row. A holder of a Japanese passport can travel to 193 countries out of 227 countries across the world without a visa.

2. Singapore and South Korea

Singapore and South Korea share the second position on this list. Both countries allow their passport holders to visit 192 countries without a visa or via getting a visa-on-arrival.

3. Germany and Spain

As Germany and Spain secure third place in the ranking, their passport holders can travel to 190 countries without a visa. All they have to do is show their passports at the immigration upon reaching a country, and they get a free visa-on-arrival. Moreover, Germany is one of the visa free countries for UAE residents, , so they are allowed to enter Germany without a pre-approved visa and stay for 90 days.

4. Finland, Italy, and Luxemburg

Finland, Italy, and Luxemburg are among the best passports in the world, and they share the fourth position in this index ranking. These countries’ citizens or passport holders can travel visa-free to 189 countries across the world.

5. Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Sweden

The fifth most powerful passport in the world is those of four countries: Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Sweden. The nationals of these countries can gain entry into 188 countries without a visa.

6. France, Ireland, Portugal, and the United Kingdom

The sixth most influential passports in the world are those of France, Ireland, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. They allow their nationals to visit 187 countries without any prior approval of a visa.

7. Belgium, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, and the United States

Six powerful nations hold the seventh position: Belgium, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, and the United States. The citizens of these countries enjoy a visa-free access to 186 countries. In contrast to popular belief, the US passport doesn’t hold the world’s best passport. On the other hand, citizens of these these countries are eligible for UAE or Dubai visa-on-arrival.

8. Australia, Canada, Greece, and Malta

With an access to 185 countries around the world, the five countries, such as Australia, Canada, Greece, and Malta, enjoy the fifth position in the world’s most powerful passports.

9. Hungary and Poland

Hungary and Poland are at number nine on the ranking index of the world’s most influential passports. Citizens of these countries can travel to 184 countries without any visa.

10. Lithuania and Slovakia

Lithuania and Slovakia enjoy the tenth position on this list of the world’s most powerful passports. Nationals of these countries can travel to 183 countries visa-free or gain entry on a visa-on-arrival.

Please note: The study is carried out by Henley & Partners. The rankings of this list are based on the data released by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), taking into account how many countries can be visited without applying for a visa.

Significant Factors in Determining a Powerful Passport:

The most important factor influencing passport power is a country’s stable economy and best tourist visa policy of a country. It plays a vital role in having strong international relations. A stable political environment helps overcome the past and progressing towards strong future global alliances.

A nation’s international reputation plays a pivotal role when it comes to other countries opening their arms for visa-free entry. Due to the damage done on the international relations front during the George Bush era, the United Stated is still lagging behind UK in being the world’s most powerful passport.

Other factors that affect the ranking of a passport are its price, duration of its validity, and the number of hours they need to work to obtain the passport. While Swedish nationals have to work for only 1 hour to obtain a passport, Liberians must work for 278 hours to obtain theirs.

Did you know the UAE enjoys the 15th position on this list of the most influential passports? It allows its citizens to travel to 178 countries without a visa.

The bottom spots of the list of Powerful passports:

Due to their turbulent economies and internal issues, the world’s least powerful passports include Iraq with 29 visa-free travels, Syria with 30, Pakistan with 32, Yemen with 34, and Somalia with 35 visa-free accesses.

Afghanistan takes the last spot on the list of the world’s least important passports by allowing visa-free travel access to only 27 countries. Citizens of Afganisthan must work at least 183 hours to qualify for a passport. They also have to pay quite a high fee to apply for a passport, which is relatively high compared to many other countries.

Let the visa hassles not hold you back from travelling the world. If you have the will to travel and enough money to fund your voyage, start with destinations that do not need a visa. Not only will you get ample choices to enjoy, but you will also save a lot of your precious time and money on the visa. The UAE offers visa-free entry to specific nationalities and visas-on-arrival at Dubai Airport Immigration. Make the UAE your first choice if you’re one of them, and enjoy the world’s most upscale cities with a visa-free trip.

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