UAE Visit Visas and Emirate IDS Cost see an Upsurge


Capturing the world’s eye with its marvellous skyscrapers, glamorous malls, lavish hotels, stunning coastlines, and record-breaking add-ons, the United Arab Emirates is unarguably on every explorer’s bucket list. Millions of visitors flock to this rich land, which is home to the world’s best resorts and hotels, mosques, museums, and not to mention the impressive man-made island, which boasts an incredible style of architecture holding the wonderful essence of cultures.

While this luxury land is always in the media for something notable, in the recent reports of the UAE visa news, the country has increased the cost of UAE visas and Emirates IDs.

UAE Visa and Emirates ID Increased

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The UAE has introduced several changes to its visa procedures, making them more accessible to visitors. From the simple visa procedures to availing the visas online, one can take a hassle-free journey to explore the country. However, in October 2022, the UAE introduced some sweeping reforms known as the Advance Visa System by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP), as it was one of the largest residency and entry permit reforms in the UAE. The reforms included introducing flexible and more convenient procedures for applying for a UAE visa while providing the best services to customers.

The introduction of these reforms was successful in encouraging the best-skilled professionals, a positive mindset, and young talents from across the world, showing a steady influx in the economy and community of the United Arab Emirates.

Since then, the country has seen several developments in the UAE visit visa system. This follows the changes made to the visa system at the start of 2023 when the UAE suspended the option for visitor’s visa holders to extend their visas from the United Arab Emirates, and a new rule stated that tourists would have to leave the country and return if they wanted to stay longer.

While the country made some significant decisions regarding entry permits and their costs, you can learn more about the visa application guide and all updated UAE visa costs at

Here are the six significant changes implemented in the visa system and the UAE visit visa cost increase after the reforms came into effect.

No UAE visit visa extensions from within the country

One of the significant changes is that visit visa holders do not have the option to extend their visas beyond the given period of time from within the United Arab Emirates. Foreign nationals with visitor visas who wish to extend their stay in the country must exit the UAE and re-enter on a new UAE visitor visa.

“Visitors have the option of extending their visas for one month at a cost,” said Afi Ahmed, Managing Director, of Smart Travels. “After that, they must exit the country either through air or land and can re-enter.”

An increase in the visa fee or cost

The fees for issuing UAE visas and Emirates IDs have increased. The Emirates ID and UAE visit visa cost surge now applies to all services offered by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP), as confirmed by one of the representatives.

An ICP agent confirmed that “There are additional fees for all the services on the ICP regarding the new updates of AED 100 for each service.”

As per the new rules implemented by the ICP, Emirates ID will now cost AED 370 instead of AED 270, and the one-month visit visa fee is AED 370 instead of AED 270.

A travel agent from the UAE also confirmed that an AED 100 additional fee is implied for 30- and 60-day tourist visas and all other e-channel services.

Overstay fine for visitors

Overstaying is an offence, and visitors who overstay their visit visa period must pay an overstay fine and obtain an out pass or leave permit at an additional cost to leave the country.

“This is applicable to visitors who are exiting through Dubai,” said a spokesperson for Deira Travel. “The out pass is not required by visitors if you are leaving from other emirates.”

“Many travellers did not know about the out-pass permit, and they had to obtain it by paying additional costs to exit the UAE.”

The reinstatement of 60-day visas

The 60-day visit visa issuance was resumed in the UAE after the reforms, and currently, 30-day visit visas and 60-day visit visas are being issued to those wanting to visit the UAE.

Entry Permit to Visit Relatives or Friends in the UAE

A visitor can apply for the entry permit if he/she is a relative or friend of a UAE citizen or resident, as per the current law. It does not require a host or going through a travel agency.

The UAE has witnessed several phases in the visa system. This includes improvements and developments for a growing economy.

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