Top Glamping’s Spots in the UAE


Glamping in the UAE is an untouched experience in the desert. One can define it as luxurious campaigning. People opting for glamping in the UAE can expect a glamorous stay where they can enjoy style and comfort. The term glamping started back in 2006. It has gained popularity over the years because of the increased standard of living of people from different countries who come to the UAE as tourists.

The platform and popularity are also because of social media influencers and websites like Pinterest and Instagram. This platform could showcase the consumers.

We often need clarification on camping and camping. Glamping provides accommodation with all amenities, including electricity and a running water supply. Camping has a sense of toughness, including using fundamental necessities like a portable tent and some food. Water and other essentials need to be gathered at the spot only. Glamping has been categorized as cabin tent houses and RVs based on accommodation.

The Nest by Sonoara

Dubai's top glamping spot The Nest by Sonara

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The overnight staycation at the Nest Sonora is an unforgettable experience in the desert of Dubai. The venue provides the most lavish experience to its customers. The total plot area of the Nest is around 5% of the desert area of Dubai, which comes to 225 square kilometers. The Nest also provides conservation to different species that are on the verge of extinction. The reserve started in 2004 and is now a hub of other plant species, reptiles, and birds. You can get to the Nest by car or book a chauffeur to pick you up from your home or hotel. You can enjoy various activities like sky safari, horse riding, camel tree nature tour, Dune Buggy, & Hot air balloon ride. At the Nest you will experience the best glamping in the UAE.

Hatta Domes Resort Dubai

Glamping in the domes of hatta in Dubai

Hatta Dome Park Dubai sits beneath the hills of the Hatta Mountain Range. Glamping in the domes of Hatta is a unique experience. The corporate entity Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum built the eco-tourism spot.
The domes at Hatta Resort are well-furnished. Despite being located in the desert, they offer all kinds of amenities. Hatta Resort includes a Wi-Fi connection and a comfortable sleeping arrangement for up to four people.

Each dome has a terrace to enhance the lodging experience. You can access the resort’s barbeque if you bring your food. Different food options, such as Al Yum Cafe, Al Hajrein, and Tandoori Restaurant, are available.

Damani Lodges and Sedr Trailer

Sedr trailers at Hatta resort in Dubai.

Camping in comfort

Discover a luxurious Glamping experience at Damani Lodges Dubai. Damini Lodges builds cozy cabins on the hill-tops of the Al Hajar Mountains. All the cabins are widely apart, keeping the privacy of their customers in mind. People who stay at Damini Lodges can opt for standard and standard plus lodges.

Every lodge in the resort has a luxurious interior. The fully furnished bedroom can accommodate up to two Adults and one child. Every lodge has its terrace, where you can enjoy the sunset and a glass of wine.

Adventure activities await you once you stay out of your cabin. You can go out for a mountain biking activity or waylaying at Hatta Dam.

Platinum Heritage Glamping Dubai

During your stay at the venue, you can enjoy a glamping experience at Platinum Heritage, which offers an ultra-luxurious lifestyle in Dubai. The resort constructs the camps wide apart, ensuring the privacy and comfort of the customers. Platinum Heritage is located in the Dubai Desert Reserve. The resort promises to offer an authentic Arabian experience. All the amenities provided by the resort make it an unforgettable journey.

While glamping at Platinum Heritage Dubai, you can experience wildlife spotting. You can choose from the options at Platinum Heritage Safari, Platinum Desert Safari, Conservation Drive, and Al Maha Breakfast.

Starlight Dubai

Escape the buzzing life of Dubai in the UAE. Look forward to the exciting stay-at-the-Starlight glamping resort experience in Dubai. At Starlight in Dubai, the glamping resort offers a cozy lifestyle away from home in the desert of Dubai. This will be a special surprise for your partner, as you can spend the night together under the stars.

Hiring a private boat shuttle can help you reach your favorite destination within 15 minutes. You can also access a private helicopter to drop you off at your destination. You can enjoy your privacy because it’s a private island. The benchmark at Starlight Dubai is to provide the ultimate luxury to its customers. Comfort and Elegance are two words that can best describe the destination. You woke up at the resort to a gentle sea breeze. You can enjoy walking along the beach and basking in the Sun.

Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Sahel Villa Resort Abu Dhabi

Luxurious Anantara Sir Bani Resort located in Dubai

Anantara Sir Bani Resort is located in a unique wildlife park. The untouched desert offers a rare glimpse of the beauty of Arabian wildlife’s flora and fauna. Customers are welcome to stay at the resort, which has 10,000 animals in the park.

Guests can enjoy 24-hour room service, a bar or pub, fitness centers, an outdoor pool, a private beach, a restaurant shuttle service, and water sports. The resort sits on the beautiful island of Sir Bani Yas, which surrounds itself with milky water. The service is undoubtedly impeccable.

Arabian Nights Village Glamping

Arabian Nights Village Resort is located in the towering dunes of the UAE desert, representing the old days of Arabian life. The village was established in 2012. The desert is about 123 km away from Abu Dhabi. The resort considers providing five-star facilities to its guests an honor.

Whisky (alcohol free) is served to you as a welcome drink. Comfortable seating arrangements are available for customers under a palm-thatched roof supported by a wooden beam. The indoor decor of Al Maqam features chandlers hanging by the roof, some hard work of hand, and intricate woodwork.

People coming out for glamping can enjoy the Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi. People seeking accommodation facilities with a TV, cell phone, and Wi-Fi connection. The faculty here helps the guests access all types of facilities to make their stay a unique experience.

Bab Al Nojoom-Al Mugheirah Resort

Abu Dhabi welcomes you at Bab Al Nojoom-Al Mugheirh Resort for those who like glamping. The resort is built by the Modon Properties. The resort is one of the latest glamping destinations in Abu Dhabi. The resort lies in the Al Dhafra region. You can discover the beauty of Marhawa Marine Reserve.

The resort has 20 cabins for its guests. All cabins have plunge pools, fire pits, and BBQ facilities. You can also go to the swimming pool, Cafe, and restaurant. Along with the glamping experience, one can enjoy rental bikes, cycling, working, jogging trails, and a play area for children. The resort also provides an Educational Centre, which educates the people coming to the resort about the ecosystem and its surroundings.


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