Dubai Visit Visa Rules and Regulations


If you have a scheduled visit to Dubai, you must know the Dubai visit visa rules. Millions of people descend on this global city for various reasons. The immigration department has implemented these rules to make visitors’ stay comfortable in Dubai. The authorities responsible for Dubai visit visa rules and regulations have made essential changes that people arriving in Dubai must be aware of. Depending on your reason for visiting Dubai, the government issues three different types of visas.

  • Tourist visa
  • Golden visa
  • Transit Visa

UAE Visit Visa

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A person with a UAE visit visa is allowed to enter Dubai. To obtain a UAE visit visa, one should have a sponsor. This sponsor can be your friend or relative with a residential status in the UAE or a travel agency. Passengers with passports from countries like the UK, the USA, and Japan do not require a UAE visit visa.

Dubai Rules and Regulations

Visitors to Dubai must follow government rules. Besides carrying AED 3000 in cash or credit, there must be proper accommodations and a return ticket. Strict adherence to this is inevitable, as they promise a smooth stay and exit from Dubai. Those who do not follow the rules may be restricted from entering Dubai or boarding the flight. To avoid any issues, it is highly advised that passengers keep all the necessary documents handy.

Single Entry UAE Visit Visa 30 or 60 Days

Depending on the time frame of your stay, which is more than three to four days, you may apply for a single-entry UAE visit visa for 30 to 60 days. Your visa date should start from the date of entry in Dubai.

Multiple Entry UAE Visit Visa 30 or 60 Days

If you need to visit Dubai several times, this is an ideal type of visa. The duration starts when you first enter Dubai. With this type of visa, you can make multiple entries and exits, but you must have all the documents ready.

Multiple entry UAE Visit Visa for Five Years

  • The UAE government has issued this type of visa to enhance revenue and ease passengers’ travel to Gulf countries. Passengers with a five-year multiple-entry UAE visit visa can often enter and exit Dubai. Each time you enter to buy, you can stay for 90 days, and it is extendable once for the same number of days. Apart from standard Dubai immigration rules, passengers must follow some additional rules for multiple-entry UAE visit visas.
    The traveler must have proof of a bank statement showing a cash balance equivalent to USD 4000 in his account.
  • It would help if you visited Dubai once every six months, and only then would your visa remain valid. In any case, if you do not meet this condition, the government can cancel your visa.

Eligibility for a UAE Visit Visa

The UAE government offices have an open-door policy for people traveling to Dubai for various purposes. The UAE government has always maintained easy eligibility for UAE visits for the comfort of passengers. But at the same time, they also confirm that the rules made by the government are strictly followed by the passengers coming to Dubai. Passengers with citizenship in only a few countries cannot enter Dubai.

Rules Related to the Extension of the UAE Visit Visa

The UAE government regularly amends visit visas to make them more comfortable for passengers traveling to Dubai. The latest amendment, made in 2024, allows a visit visa for 30 days or 60 days to be increased once by 60 days.

Amendment Relating to the In-Country Visit Visa Extension

Under this, the person visiting Dubai can extend their journey while staying in Dubai. You must make sure that your visa will be extended by the same agency through which you have obtained a UAE visit visa. While you are availing of this option, the airport visa change process remains the same, which makes it cost-effective for the passengers. With this facility, passengers can exit the UAE for a short period and return to Dubai.

Requirements for Extending a Country Visit Visa

  • A valid passport with at least six months of validity from the initial date of the visit visa
  • One copy of the UAE visit visa
  • One copy of the return flight ticket
  • Passport-size photograph with a white background
  • The latest bank statement, which proves that you have enough funds to stay

Dubai Transit Visa versus Dubai Tourist Visa

  • The first and most crucial difference between a Dubai transit visa and a Dubai tourist visa is that, in the former, you must enter and exit through Dubai airport. Only with the Dubai tourist visa can you exit the Gulf countries.
  • With a Dubai Transit Visa, you can stay at Dubai Airport for a maximum of 96 hours with a valid passport for 30 days.


Do I require a valid visa to enter Dubai?

Whether you require a valid visa to enter Dubai or not depends on your citizenship. 

How can one apply for a Dubai tourist visa?

You can get a Dubai tourist visa from a tourist agency or with the help of a hotel and airline. You can also get sponsored by UAE residents or a company registered in the UAE.

How long can a person stay in Dubai?

The length of your stay in Dubai depends on your visa type. You can stay up to 96 hours in Dubai; however, in other visa types, you can stay up to 14 days or 90 days maximum. The number of days given above is without extension.

What is the validity of a visa in Dubai?

All visa holders' visas are valid up to 60 days from the entry date in Dubai, except for the term visa, which is valid only for 96 hours. 

Which countries do not require a valid visa to enter Dubai?

About 50 countries in the UAE do not require a valid visa to enter Dubai. You can check it out on the official website or contact us at Rayna Tours. 

What documents do I need to check before coming to Dubai?

You must keep your passport with a valid visa for 30 to 60 days from the day of entry in Dubai. You should keep scanned copies of your passport. A passport-size photograph with a white background. A proper bank statement that specifies that you have enough funds in your pocket.   

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