Shees Park Khorfakkan: Timings, Tickets, Location and More


It would help tourists leave famous destinations like Dubai and Abu Dhabi to enjoy picturesque Shees Park Khorfakkan. The desert broadly covers the UAE landscape. However, the UAE government is transforming some landscape areas into lush green outfields. Shees Park Khorfakkan in Sharjah is a real example of a similar effort by the government. The park is like a hidden jewel; you can expect unexpected and exciting activities there. Though you can visit the park any time of the year, it is suggested that you visit it during the winter season if you plan to visit.

Shees Park Khorfakkan Sharjah

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The Shees Park Sharjhan covers an area of 11362 square meters. It is in Khor Fakkan, a territory of Sharjah. Khor Fakkan is a coastal city and an enclave. You can reach the city from the nearest airport or the Emirates of Fujaira. The park was opened to the public in October 2020.

Enjoy your visit to Shees Park in Khor Fakkan city. You can enjoy the destination with your near and dear ones. There are various activities for you, such as a man-made waterfall, mountain walk, play area for children, unique spot for barbecue, walking under Palm trees, relaxing on stone benches, and experiencing picturesque spots to take some memorable moments at the park.

How do you reach Shees Park Khor Fakkan?

Shees Park location makes is a desired destination for visitors. You must note that you can only get to the park by road. Passengers from Dubai to Shees Park Khor Fakkan should drive from Emirates Road E611 to Sharjah. It would help to go to Khor Fakkan road, about 70 km. You must continue your right to Masafi Road until you reach the park. Depending on your speed and traffic, arriving at the location will not take more than 30 minutes. If you are arriving at the park from Sharjah, it might take 30-45 minutes.

Shees Park Timming

The park is open between morning, 8:00 a.m. to evening, 10:00 p.m. every day.

Shees Park Entry Fee

Shees Park Khorfakkan only charges tourists when they come to the destination. However, the park does charge for different types of rides and adventurous activities.

Things to do at Shees Park Khorfakkan

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Various activities and picturesque spots in the park where tourists can spend some quality time are :

Man-Made Waterfall at Shees Park

One of the most desirable destinations for tourists coming to Shees Park Khorfakkan is the 25-meter-high artificial waterfall. Water falling from a ten-story building in the park creates a breathtaking view. The view of the waterfall is enhanced in the evening when the lights are enlightened. Water coming down from that height and making its way from the curve of stone is worth watching.

Walk under the Palm Trees at the Park

Shees Park Khorfakkan has a long walkway for tourists arriving at the park. Couples can stroll while holding hands under the palm trees. The park is located within the Hajar Mountain range. You can fully view the Hajar Mountain range from the highest terrace, 35 meters from the ground. You can also take some glamorous pics to remember your stay at the park. The park has made enough seating arrangements within the walkway so that you can witness the beauty of nature with comfort.

Have some food fun at Shees Park Khorfakkan

The barbecue facility at Shees Park Khorfakkan is a delightful experience, especially for people who like to grill. The facility is located in a separate part of the park. The number of barbecue pits is limited, so visiting the park as early as possible is advisable to get a pit for your cooking. The availability of BBQ and other activities makes it a perfect picnic spot in the park.

Play area for kids at Shees Park Khorfakkan

At Shees Park, Khorfakkan has a specially designated area for kids to play and have fun. Your child can go to see-saw, swing, skating, slide, and many activities other than these where they can enjoy themselves.

Have a Walk through the Park at Shees Park Khorfakkan

You can go out for a walk on a lush green outfield. You can walk without wearing your shoes and sandals. Once you have done and dusted with some real fun in the park and a heavy lunch, you can relax in the lush green outfield. After your lunch, it would be the ideal place to spend some time in nature.

Outdoor Show at Shees Park Khorfakkan

In Shees Park Khorfakkan, you can enjoy an outdoor show. The park organizes shows on an open-air stage, which can accommodate 70 people at a time. Special streaming and shows are also arranged in the park, which you can see while visiting.

Cycling at Shees Park Khorfakkan

The park has a particular area for people willing to experience cycling. Health-conscious people like to go cycling in the park.

Visit the Butterfly House at Shees Park Khorfakkan

The butterfly house at Shees Park Khorfakkan is among the most beautiful experiences visitors might have while at the park. The colorful butterflies of different species are amazing to watch. Nature has made slight differences in the production of these spices. These butterflies are not only visually attractive but also an educational center.

Parking at Shees Park Khorfakkan

Following are the parking fee for your vehicle in the Park
The parking charge for 1 hour is ADE 2
The parking charge for 2 hours is ADE 5
The parking charge for 3 hours is ADE 8
The parking charge for 4 hours is ADE 12
The park does not charge senior citizens over 60 who can park their vehicles independently, and they are exempt from the parking fee charged by the park. However, this is only for people registered with the local municipality.


The Shees Park Khorfakkan is an attractive destination, but you can reach it only by road. Thus, make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothes. In the past few years, the park has gained popularity among visitors. Make sure you have a list of things to do in the park and visit the park accordingly so that you do not miss anything while there.


Are pets allowed in the park?

The park authorities do not allow pets to enter, so do not take any of your pets to the park. Carrying your pets along with you might make your experience annoying. 

Does Shees Park have a BBQ area?

Yes, Shees Park Khorfakkan has a designated BBQ area where you can grill. However, the BBQ pits are limited in number, so you are advised to reach the park early. 

How do I reach Shees Park Khor Fakkan from Dubai?

You can reach Shees Park Khorfakkan by road. It is about 70-80 km from Dubai. 

Is parking available in Shees Park?

Yes, a parking facility is available in the park.   



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