UAE Visa Update: 90-Day Visa For Family Members Of Dubai Residents


Dubai is a sprawling gem of the UAE, boasting ultra-modern amenities and a luxury lifestyle like no other country in the world. Be it for leisure, work, business, or any other purpose, visitors flock here to experience its world-famous buildings, culture, development and world-class etiquette, and Dubai welcomes everyone with open arms. The well-organized visa system and procedures make it even easier to travel to the UAE and explore Dubai. Furthermore, 90 Days Dubai Visa For Family Members Of Dubai Residents can be availed now without any hassle.

According to recent reports from UAE Visa news the residents of Dubai can now host their families for three months by obtaining a 90-day Dubai visa, which enables them to enter and stay in Dubai for a period of three months. The applicant is required to pay a refundable deposit of AED 1000 for this three-month visit visa. However, the total cost of this visa, including all fees, would be AED 1770.

As per the reports in the Khaleej Times, this was stated by a man based out of a company in Dubai who had availed of these visas for his company’s employees. “I have applied for this visa for family members of two of my colleagues in the last month,” he said. “I approached the AMER centre in Karama near the post office, and the process was easy. However, as per my experience, the family members must be immediate blood relatives like mother, father or siblings.”

It is considered that family members who are immediate blood relatives of the resident, like a mother, father, or sibling, can secure this 90-day Dubai visa. This update comes after the UAE visa system saw several reforms, including the new UAE visa rules introduced in October 2023. As a result, this implemented one of the largest residency and entry permit reforms in the UAE until now, and it is particularly notable that now, only individuals can apply for these visas and secure them.

This follows several changes that the UAE Federal Authority for Identity, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP) has declared in the last few weeks. Following the report by the Emirates News Agency last week, the ICP announced the implementation of 15 new packages of updates in the smart service system.

However, according to the travel agencies in the country, they are unable to apply for such visas in their systems. “As of now, only individuals applying on the system can get these visas,” said Afi Ahmed from Smart Travels. “The individuals must apply for it online on the GDRFA website, on the app, or through an Amer typing centre.”

On the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs, Dubai (GDRFA), visitors can apply for other visas, including entry permits for business or job opportunities, entry permits for those awaiting Green visas, and a patient escort permit, among other types.

During the UAE visa update, a resident of Dubai said he had applied for a visa for his mother to travel to the city. “Initially, I planned to apply for a 60-day visit visa through a travel agency,” he said. “But when I heard of the 90-day visa, I applied for it through an Amer centre. It was a very easy process.”

These series of updates to the visa system come as part of a plan to develop the services in line with the latest developments, including meeting the needs of customers and enhancing the ability of the authority and state to cross into the future.
Patient and companion entry permits

Visas are also available for individuals travelling for medical tourism. Foreign patients can enter the UAE for medical treatment under the sponsorship of the medical establishment where they want to seek treatment.

The entry permit of the patient’s companion can be extended only once with the provision of a duly certified medical report stating that the patient needs to continue treatment and that his companion is needed in the UAE.

The Latest Updates Include:

  1. Applicants from certain nationalities are exempt from the fingerprint requirement when applying for a passport issuance, renewal, or replacement.
  2. The introduction of group family visas for treatment, tourism, and patient companionship, which are available in single and multiple entries for a period of 60 days and 180 days.
  3. The system also includes the expansion of visa extension service with a 30-day extension for one-time holders of 90-day visas. However, this prohibits the renewal of residency visas that are valid for more than six months.
  4. Extension of the visit visa of a friend or relative for single or multiple entries includes a period of 30, 60, and 90 days.
  5. The updated smart service system provides cancellation and amendment services for visa data in the accounts of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) citizens without Emirates ID.

How To Secure The 90-Day Visa

To avail of this visa, go to the GDRFA website, the app, or through Amer Tying Centre. If you apply for a visa through the website, you can also apply for an entry permit for business or job opportunities and other visas. The UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs, and Sports Security (ICP) announced that they had been implementing new packages for service improvement, and the list of such 15 services was updated and its services by the ICA on February 1, 2023, according to the procedures.

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