Dubai Tourist Visa: Visitors to Pay Overstaying Fine and Out Pass to Exit

Dubai, the marvellous capital of the United Arab Emirates, is the ultimate tourist hub, drawing millions of visitors every year. With the lavish lifestyle, modern architecture holding the perfect essence of culture and world-class etiquette, one will never feel a moment of discomfort or disappointment on their visit to Dubai. The city not only encourages unforgettable leisure but also boasts a flexible and great environment for the best talents worldwide.

Like any country, Dubai requires a visa permit to enter the country. While the visa application process is easy and accessible, one should always remember to follow the visa policies and rules before planning to apply for one. You can learn more about the guide and Dubai visa fees at Right from selecting the visa type to entering and staying in the country and abiding by the laws, Dubai has a precise and well-organised immigration system, and this includes the overstaying law as well.

Dubai overstay fines news

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It has been reported in the recent update of the UAE overstay fines news that visitors who overstay in the country must pay fines for the number of extra days after the expiry of their entry permits and must obtain an out pass or leave permit. Only then will they be permitted to leave the country.

The customer service representative at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai, as well as various Emirati travel agencies, confirmed that anyone who has overstayed their entry permits and tourist visas in the United Arab Emirates must obtain an out pass or leave permit at the airport or immigration offices at the land borders.

The out pass or leave permit may also be obtained at the Al Awir Immigration office. The visitor must also pay the overstaying fines for the extended days after the expiry of the entry permit in the country.

According to travel industry expert news, the announcement was updated a few days ago, and most visitors who overstayed in the UAE were required to obtain a leave permit by paying twice the previous sum. The current leave permit is obtainable for AED 200 to 300.

“An out pass or leave permit is required for those visitors who continue to reside in the country after visa expiry or after the grace period offered by the emirates,” said Mir Wasim Raja, manager of MICE and Holidays at Galadari International Travel Services.

While Deepak Kaushik, marketing manager of Rooh Travel and Tourism said, “Without our knowledge, a few of our clients overstayed their specified period of stay on their visa. When their visa expired, they contacted us to pay the overstay fines. But they did not know the out pass or leave permit.” “At the airport and land borders, they had to pay for the number of days overstayed and for a leave permit.”

Many visitors have been obtaining an out pass for overstaying, including to pay for the number of days of their extended stay in the UAE.

General Rules against overstaying in the UAE / Dubai

The United Arab Emirates welcomes visitors from across the world for tourism, business, work, study, or even medical purposes. The only need for the individuals is to stay and abide by the law of the land. The law is meant to bring discipline and regulate a peaceful society, and this includes immigration laws as well.

Foreign nationals who stay longer than their visa period must pay to overstay fines in the UAE and obtain an out pass to leave the country.

If you ask about the consequences of overstaying in the country, let us remind you that overstaying in any country is a punishable crime, and different countries deal with such cases according to their immigration laws.

Overstay fines in the UAE

Whether you are in Dubai on a long-term residency visa or a short-term tourist visa, it is crucial to note when the visa expires. Remember to apply for a visa renewal or modification before the deadline. If you fail to meet the rules, as mentioned above, you will have to pay penalties and may also end up in unfavourable circumstances.

Formerly, fines depended on the type of visa the visitor held. However, with the changes to the visa system launched in October 2022, the fine for overstaying has been standardised regardless of the visa type.

Dubai visa overstay fines charges is AED 50 per day, and the new visa system issues the same fine amount for any offenders.

Note that the overstaying fine will not be imposed on visitors unable to leave the country due to airport closures or flight cancellations.

Visitors who visit Dubai must follow the rules set for foreign nationals, as at the end of the day, these rules are for the well-being of the public, ensuring safety and security.

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