Overstay Fines in the UAE: A Step-by-Step Guide


If you plan to visit the UAE for work or tourism, you must know that overstaying is fine. The UAE airport is among the world’s busiest airports. UAE government efforts enabled the country’s development in trade and tourism. The increase in tourism, a corporate culture in the country, has resulted in the number of people returning from the UAE, which has increased the burden on the UAE’s immigration department. The visa system in the UAE was standardized in October 2022, regardless of the visa type the person was holding, which means whether you were a tourist or a working professional residing in the UAE.

Visa Processes for People Residing in the UAE

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If you reside in the UAE for work or some other purpose and your visa has expired, you have 30 days extra to renew your status. Another option is to leave the country within 30 days. You won’t be charged late for staying on extra grace days; however, if you exceed those days, AED 50 will be charged every day after the 30-day period granted.

Overstay Fine in the UAE

No grace period is allowed for people visiting the country for various purposes, according to the new update by the UAE authorities. The UAE immigration department’s latest regulations also require visitors to abide by the specific departure timelines as outlined in the visa validity terms.
Failing to comply with UAE immigration laws and regulations can label a visitor as an overstayer, potentially affecting future travel to other countries.

Consequences of Overstay in the UAE

Whenever you are given a visa to visit a country, it is done to allow your legal stay and safety in that country. UAE immigration authorities may impose legal implications for overstaying in the country. One must understand the impact of overstaying in a country that can hamper the visa facilities offered by your country. However, this also depends on the situation. For example, at the time of COVID-19, different countries were exempt from this. The UAE government can impose restrictions on people who overstay their residence in the country, as flights are banned for unknown periods. However, the UAE government kept with the immigration department to maintain the number of immigrants within the country.
However, penalties for overstaying are applicable as per the country’s immigration rules and regulations.

Extension of a Tourist Visa

If you are on holiday in the UAE and want to extend your tourist visa, contact a reputable service provider. They will guide you through the process of expanding or renewing your tourist visa. Though tourism stays are allowed in the UAE, overstaying your UAE visa results in fines.

Fine Charged on Overstay in the UAE

European citizens arriving in the UAE are not allowed any grace period for overstaying. They will be charged AED 50 on the first day as the fine, and AED 50 onwards. In addition to this, Europeans will have to pay AED 250 to AED 350 to stay in the country without a valid visa.
The visa fine must be taken seriously, and in the UAE, other essential charges applied, and you and you must take a serious note of them. These are important to maintain your legal status, avoiding fines and penalties, travel restrictions, future visa applications, and potential block listing of travel in foreign countries.
One should look out for professional expertise in the case of overstaying. Our countries give some exemptions in cases where you cannot avoid overstaying, which would not affect your visa status.

Ban on the Person for Re-Entry in the UAE

The UAE government has banned implications for the person who had overstayed in the country according to the period of the stay. If you have overstayed in the UAE for more than 30 days, you can be banned from entering the country for up to one year. Similarly, for a stay of 90 days within the UAE, you can be banned for three years. Moreover, staying in the UAE for over 180 days can lead to a five-year ban, while overstaying for more than a year can result on a ban on re-entry to the UAE.

How can one avoid overstaying fines in the UAE?

The UAE immigration department has taken simple steps. If you follow them, you can avoid the overstay fine while you stay in the country. The person who overstays in the country must meet all the necessary criteria per the government rules. Apart from all this, he also needs to pay the new visa fees to the UAE government.

With the development of technology, not only in the UAE but also all over the world, visa processing in the UAE has become more accessible than in previous years. One can check their visas and update them through the website, which is available 24/7.

The UAE’s immigration department is quite active in dealing with all kinds of visa and overstay activities in the country. Amer Center is an easy-to-reach place in Dubai where residents can learn about their visa status and expiration dates.
If you want to know more about the visa facility in Dubai and the overstay charge for people living extra days beyond the visa, contact us at raynatours.com. You can also contact us at the number given below (please add your number here)

How to pay overstay fine in the UAE

Overstating fines can be paid at designated centers or visit the ICA website for the intelligent application; simply fill out the form and submit the fine online. The AI assistance will guide you.

FAQs Related to the UAE Visa

Q. Should you leave the UAE without paying an overstay fine?

At the airport, all outstanding dues, if any, are checked before departure. The simple answer to this question is nO.

Q. Is overstaying in a country considered a crime?

According to the norms of the UAE, overstaying in the country is a crime. It is only in certain cases that it is not considered a crime.

Q. Can a person return even if they have overstayed in the UAE?

If your overstay period is short and all dues are cleared, you can return to the UAE.  



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