What is a Flight Itinerary Ticket for a Visa Application, and How to Book It?


When you travel to a foreign country, you must submit truckloads of documents to the consulate or embassy to get a visa, which is quite overwhelming. Although this differs from country to country, typically you may be asked to submit round-trip flight tickets, a flight reservation, or a booked flight itinerary. Though these terms are often used interchangeably, people tend to get confused about what the requirement is that causes unnecessary stress.

Some common terms you will come across are flight itinerary, flight confirmation, dummy ticket, flight reservation, return ticket, travel itinerary for visa, proof of onward journey, round-trip ticket, etc. Here is a guide to what all these terms mean and what is mostly required for international travel.

flight itinerary

What is a flight travel itinerary?

A flight itinerary for a visa is a detailed plan or route of your flight, not the actual ticket. It is more like a timetable that includes information such as the flight name, your name, the flight reservation or booking numbers, arrival and departure dates and timings, the flight code, departure/arrival airport IATA codes, and also mentions the price of a real flight ticket. This way, you don’t end up booking a flight ticket and losing your money before getting your visa.

What is a flight reservation?

A flight reservation is a detailed plan showing that you have a reserved seat on a specific flight on a certain date to the destination. It is similar to a flight timetable on the chosen flight; it comprises a flight name, your name, arrival and departure date, a valid flight reservation booking number, and airport IATA codes. Consulates and embassies mostly ask for a round-trip flight reservation, not just a one-way flight reservation.

What is a flight ticket?

A flight ticket is a printed paper or electronic document issued by an airline (or a travel agency)confirming that you have booked seat on an aircraft and paid money for it. It is a valid document with which you can board the aircraft and travel to the destination once you receive your visa.

The flight ticket contains the following details:

  • Flight name and number
  • Your name
  • Booking ID or flight reservation number
  • Arrival and departure dates
  • Airport IATA codes
  • The cost of a real flight ticket
  • Details of connecting flights (if any)

However, it is usually a good practice to wait for your visa before booking your actual tickets so you don’t lose any money.

What is a dummy ticket?

A dummy ticket is not a paid ticket but a fictional reservation not confirmed with an airline or travel agency but created using online tools. It is used as temporary proof of onward journeys for visa applications, immigration purposes, or any other travel requirements without buying an actual flight ticket.

flight ticket dubai

How to get a confirmed flight reservation?

You can buy a confirmed flight reservation directly from the airline company or through online travel agents. The advantage of going with travel agents or agencies is that they have a lot of knowledge about various airline companies, so that they can offer you amazing deals and competitive prices. However, it is completely up to you on how to get a confirmed flight ticket but it is always better to get one before your visa application.

Why do Consulates and Embassies require proof of a booked reservation?

These are some of the top reasons for which consulates or embassies ask for it.

  • To avoid overstaying in the country: The most important reason is that you should not overstay your visa and return to your home country before it expires. The round-trip reservation is proof that you will return to your country on a specific date.
  • To decide the length of the visa: The second reason is to decide the length of your visa. The arrival and departure dates will help them grant you the visa for the days you wish to stay and not for a shorter period that you require.
  • To decide which embassy you must apply:It helps to decide if you are applying at the correct embassy. For example, if you are applying for a Schengen visa and visiting more than one country, you must apply at the country’s embassy, where you will stay the longest or most number of days. However, if you are staying for the same length of time in all the countries, you must apply at the country’s embassy where you land first.


We hope this guide has helped you understand how the flight travel itinerary works. For the list of countries requiring this, you can check the visa process for the country you intend to travel to before planning your holiday.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Is a one-way flight ticket reservation accepted by the embassy or consulate?

No, your travel ticket must be a round-trip one, as just booking a one-way ticket doesn’t prove to the embassy or consulate that you are intending to return to your home country and are not planning to overstay your visa.

2. Is it mandatory to buy a return ticket before applying for a visa?

We don’t recommend getting a return flight ticket because if your visa gets rejected, you will lose money. So, it is better to get a flight itinerary and book the flight tickets once you get your visa. For instance, if you have applied for your Dubai visit visa, and if for some reason it gets rejected, you will anyway lose the visa fees amount. This just ensures you don’t lose money on your ticket as well.

3. Can I use a fake online generator for a dummy ticket?

We do not recommend getting a dummy ticket from online generators, as it is considered fraudulent and can affect the entire visa application process. However, there are reputable resources from which you can get your flight reserved without full payment

4. What can I do in the event of an incorrect booking?

You can remedy an incorrect booking by cancelling and booking again. Or else you can contact your travel agent or the company and request that they make the necessary changes. Do note that there may be a charge to make changes to your booking if you call the travel agent or the company.

5. What are the various types of flight tickets?

The various types of flight tickets are: One-way ticket: This allows you to travel from one country to another without returning.(For example, you board your flight from Australia to Singapore without returning to Australia). Return ticket/Round trip ticket: It enables you to travel to another destination and return to your original starting point. (For example, you can travel from India to Paris and back to India). Onward ticket: With this ticket, you can travel further from your present destination to another one and not back to the place you originally started from. (For example, you can travel from Dubai to Germany and then to France).

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