How to Download a Copy of The UAE Visit Visa


While your stay in the UAE you must know how to download visa copy of the UAE. We live in an environment of 5G and 6G, with the Internet available at high speed in every hand. The UAE government has used this technology making it simpler to download visa copy of the UAE.

With millions of people landing in the UAE daily, it would have been tedious if the government had not kept up the processes digitally. Even though the internet facility throughout the UAE is unparalleled, you cannot just rely upon digital means; things can go wrong anytime. To avoid unnecessary problems, it is most advisable to download a copy of your UAE visit visa.

During your stay in the UAE, you might be required to download your UAE visit visa for various purposes. Passengers visiting the UAE must have a hard copy of their visa if they are willing to have a mobile phone for personal use.

The ICP in the UAE is responsible for managing the registration of people coming to the UAE and the security of that data.

ICP Smart Services

ICP Smart Services is the official website in the UAE. It is governed by the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship and is dedicated to the immigration department for identity and citizenship-related services applications.

Services Offered by ICP Smart Services

The website offers a wide range of foreign immigrants, residents, and citizens who are deciding to come to Dubai or planning to go for various reasons.

Citizens – The UAE citizens can use the ICP website to get their Emirates ID if they want to renew it or in case of a lost one. It also helps citizens with passport services such as gaining a new passport and filing a complaint of lost passport renewal. Citizens can also change the number of dependents residing with them in the UAE.

The UAE Residents – People with residential status in the UAE can apply for new visa renewal and lost visas on the website itself. They can apply for a visa renewal before the expiry date. You can ask for a new Emirates ID and inform them that you have lost it to get a new one.

Benefits of ICP Smart Services

Anytime, Any-where – You do not have to wait in long queues. You can log in to the website from anywhere in your comfort zone and apply for Visa processes and other offered services.

Saves Time – ICP’s innovative services offer its users the opportunity to save time and money. As a digital platform, the processes are automated, enabling users to apply for various services easily.

Tracking Your Application Online – ICP services enable you to track your application online. The applicant for different services is allowed to get the current status of your application, and you are well-informed.

Cut Down the Paperwork – The ICP smart services website enables the reduction of official paperwork for various processes.

Direct Effect on Cost – ICP Smart Services’ website has allowed them to reduce the official paperwork and workforce required to do the same. Due to this, ICP Smart Services can save a lot of money and reduce costs.

Why should you keep a physical copy of your electronic visa?

Digitalization in the UAE region has made advancements. Most passengers coming to the UAE keep the UAE visit visa in electronic form. Still, we need to discuss why it is essential to keep a hard copy of your UAE visit visa when traveling in the UAE.

It is to be noted that the UAE immigration rules are strictly followed to avoid bans and restrictions on entry into the UAE.

People, especially senior citizens and children, are advised to keep a physical copy of their UAE visit visa. This allows them to witness unexpected and embracing situations. You can find yourself in a situation where servers are down, and you cannot get an electronic Visa at the place of visit. While traveling in the region’s outskirts, you must keep a copy with a negligible internet connection.

Why You Need to Download Visa Copy of The UAE

  • If you are planning to visit in the UAE and you are holding an e-visa, you need to download a copy of your e-visa.
  • If you are on a tourist visa for 30 or 60 days of the UAE visit visa, you must carry a copy of your visa, as it might be required at different locations.
  • If you reside in the UAE on a residential visa, all the dependents on you, especially minors, should carry a download copy of your visa.
  • Download the UAE visit visa from the portal if you want a mobile connection.
  • If you are a resident of the UAE and want to open a bank account, you need to download a copy of your residence visa.
  • If you are an UAE resident and are willing to get a driving license, you need to pass a medical test and have a copy of your visa.
  • If your business has a head office in the UAE, you need copies of the UAE visas, which are required for various purposes.
  • If you are residing in the UAE with your family members, including your children, you need to download a copy of your visa and get your children admitted to school in the UAE.
  • The UAE citizens should also keep a downloaded copy of the family book from the official ICP website.
  • If you are in the UAE on a visit visa and want to attend your visit while you are there, you need a copy of your passport.

Step-by-Step Know How to Get Visa Copy Online

The visitors can download UAE visa copy online by following process.

Visit The Official Website

Kickstart downloading the UAE visit visa copy from the ICP website. You need to visit the Federal Authority of Identity Citizenship and Port Security website. The ICP website is dedicated mainly to immigrants, including individuals and businesses. You can click the link, which will take you directly to the website link “” Clicking the given link will directly take you to the homepage of the ICP website. On the homepage, you must navigate the website and look for the option “public services.” In addition to this, you can use an Android application for similar usage.

Go to Reports

Once you navigate the website and go to public services, search for the report section. Then, you must select the other services section to imitate the service.

Initiate Services

you need to click the start service button to initiate the process of getting the visa details.

Enter Your Passport Information

In this section, you need to enter all the details related to your passport. This includes your date of birth, your passport number, your registered mobile number, the expiry date of your passport, and your email ID.

Captcha Verification

you need to enter your captcha to verify that you are not a machine but a human being.

Confirm the Details

Once you have entered all the necessary details on the website, the ICP smart services website will cross-check them. The process will not take more than a few seconds.

Pay The Application Fees

You must pay the costs to download the UAE visa visit.

Get The Hard Copy of The UAE Visit Visa

Once you have made the payment online and the payment has been approved, you can collect the hard copy of your visa, which has all the details and related information to your visit in the UAE.

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