Global Village Dubai – Everything You Need to Know


Global Village Dubai is the world’s largest tourism, leisure, shopping and entertainment destination. It is a popular annual event that attracts over 5 million visitors every year. What makes Global Village so unique is that it showcases the best of what our diverse world has to offer under one roof.

It features over 75 pavilions representing different cultures from across the globe. You can experience an incredible array of events, concerts, cultural performances, shopping outlets, dining options, and entertainment attractions. From sampling authentic international cuisine to marveling at eye-catching cultural displays, every corner of Global Village provides an immersive experience of global cultures.

It brings together rich heritage, artisanal products, talent, and tradition all in one vibrant destination. The scale and diversity offered at Global Village Dubai make it one of the leading tourism and entertainment projects  in the world.

Dubai Global Village

Global Village Dubai 2023-24

The 28th season of Global Village Dubai runs from October 18th, 2023, to April 28th, 2024. This year’s event promises to be even bigger and better. There will be brand new pavilions to explore along with numerous shopping outlets and surprises in store for visitors.

Global Village houses specialized pavilions representing regions such as MENA, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Each pavilion allows you to experience the culture through country-specific displays, authentic handicrafts, artifacts, and cuisine. Popular attractions include Carnival, which features over 170 thrilling rides and skill games, as well as Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum.

You can indulge in a world food tour across dedicated dining zones such as Road of Asia, Indian Chaat Bazaar, Floating Market, and more. With over 40,000 entertainment shows, street food stalls, and cultural performances, Global Village Dubai offers endless experiences across shopping, dining, and entertainment zones.

Global Village Dubai Pavilions and Attractions


Global Village Dubai houses 27 specialized pavilions representing the cultures, traditions and flavors from over 75 countries. The scale and diversity of these pavilions are unparalleled, making a visit to each pavilion a journey of discovery into unique regions of the world. You may also join hands with a reputable Dubai tourist guide who can help you tailor this experience in accordance to your preferences & interests.

The MENA pavilions

The MENA pavilions represent countries from the Middle East and North Africa. This is a vibrant section that allows you to sample regional handicrafts, artifacts, clothing designs, and local cuisine. Countries featured within the MENA zone include pavilions from Qatar, Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Algeria and more.

Far East pavilions

Another key highlight is the Far East pavilions that showcase the rich heritage of Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The zone hosts an experiential, cultural experience area where you can admire Far Eastern art forms, traditions, food, and performing arts firsthand. This year, the Far East zone will have a dedicated Dragon Lake area that promises to be an iconic landmark.

The Europe pavilion

The Europe pavilion whisks you away to continental Europe. Meander through typical European architecture, clothing stores, gift shops, and cafes featuring continental treats and flavors from over 15 different European countries. Pick handicrafts, memorabilia, and European fashion accessories as a souvenir of your Euro trip!

The Africa pavilion

The Africa pavilion spotlights artifacts, products, and performing arts traditions of countries like Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, Rwanda, and more. It allows you to explore over 15 African nations and experience their art, culture, and flair through country-style pavilions in one place.

The Americas pavilion

The Americas pavilion offers a peek into North, Central, and South American lifestyles, flavors, and products. With up to 48 countries on the display, you can find handicrafts, souvenirs, and indulgent treats from Canada to Argentina under one roof.


A star attraction at Global Village Dubai is Carnaval, which offers 170+ exhilarating rides and games for all ages. Get your adrenaline pumping on thrilling rides or try your hand at skill based games among the 125+ gaming options here. Little ones can enjoy fun carnival rides, making it a complete family entertainment zone.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum

Another marquee experience is Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum, which showcases over 250 quirky exhibits and illusions across 20 themed galleries. From interactive illusion rooms to wacky artifacts, this exciting attraction reveals unbelievable stories in an engaging format for all ages.

The diversity of country pavilions, mini cultural experiences, street shopping, mouthwatering international flavors, adrenaline-pumping rides, and engaging attractions make Global Village a one-of-a-kind people-friendly destination.

A World Food Tour at Global Village

Indulge in a world food tour across the diverse array of dining zones encapsulating Global Village’s central water body. This spectacular food destination recreates the magic of iconic markets, streets, and waterfronts from around the globe all in one place!

Road of Asia

Take a culinary trip along the Roads of Asia zone featuring flavors from 13 different Asian countries. You can experience Asian hawker street-style dining and enjoy popular signature dishes. Must-try items include aromatic Taipei hotpot, wholesome Vietnamese pho noodle soup, Filipino pancit noodles, and Sri Lankan kothu served atop fermented rice cakes. Asian comfort desserts like bubur cha cha, po cha, and aiyu jelly are the perfect sweet ending.

Indian Chaat Bazaar

For fans of Indian street food, the Indian Chaat Bazaar offers nostalgia straight from the bustling bazaars of old Indian towns. Treat yourself to pani puri, crisp samosas, masala dosas and fusion frankies and tacos with desi chutney twists. You can also try regional Indian favorites like Mumbai’s vada pav, Calcutta rolls, and North India’s Chole bhature. End your Indian food adventure on a sweet note with hot jalebis, creamy rabdi, and sugary gulab jamuns.

Floating Market

The Floating Market zone on Global Village’s central lake brings a premium ‘ambiance on water’ on an air-conditioned dining deck. Inspired by the famous floating markets of Asia, you can expect a Thai-style experience with fresh seafood like lobsters, crabs, and oysters to content even serious foodies. Other specialties include aromatic Thai curries, Chinese dim sum dumplings, warming Indonesian ramen, and visually stunning tropical fruits carved into flowers and shapes.

Happiness Street

For comfort food lovers, Happiness Street offers playful twists on all-time classics like mac and cheese loaded with spicy Cheetos, cheese bursts in golden fried shrimp, colossal 60cm pizzas, and indulgent sides like loaded fries and potatoes. You can dig into these creations that promise to deliver exactly what the name suggests, pure happiness!

Fiesta Street

The lively Fiesta Street celebrates Latino culture through an explosion of tacos, enchiladas, burritos, and other Mexinspired treats. You can also try Brazilian churros, Argentinian empanadas, and Cuban sandwiches and wash them down with sweet and tangy Latin soda pops.

Railway Market

The Railway Market zone recreates the sights and sounds of Bangkok’s bustling Maeklong market in Thailand. This specialty sweets souk, bursting with Thaistyle cakes, chocolates, fresh gelatos, and artisanal Thai milk teas, is a pure sugar rush. You can even customize your own pancake rolls and fruit smoothies right at the cart.

With six unique culinary zones offering immersive dining experiences, Global Village Dubai is a food haven you wouldn’t want to miss!

Know Before You Go to Global Village Dubai

Key Dates & Timings

The 28th Global Village Dubai season opens from October 18th, 2023, through April 28th, 2024. Make sure your Dubai trip aligns with these dates. Note peak days and timings below:

Peak Days & Timings 

  • Fridays & Saturdays: Maximum crowds but the best days to catch concerts, events, and fireworks
  • Weekday evenings: Less crowded and better for covering country pavilions
  • Sundays to Wednesdays: 4 PM to 12 AM entry
  • Thursdays to Saturdays & Public Holidays: 4 PM to 1 AM entry
  • Tuesdays: Reserved for ladies and families only

Getting There

Dubai Visitors 

To get to Global Village Dubai by bus, here are three alternative ways:

  • Take bus 103 from Ittihad Station, passing Baniyas St, Al Rebat St, Nad Al Hamar.
  • Take bus 102 from Rashidiya Metro Station.
  • Take bus 104 from Al Ghubaiba Station, via Sheikh Rashid St, Al Jafiliya Metro, 2nd Za’Abeel St, Dubai-AlAin St.

By metro: No direct metro available currently.

By car:

  • From Dubai-Al Ain Rd/E66, take Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd, Exit 37.
  • Continue from Exit 37 to reach Global Village.

Abu Dhabi Visitors

The only direct way to get from Abu Dhabi to Global Village Dubai is by car.

  • Get on Abu Dhabi – Al Shahama Rd/Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan St/E10 from Al Karamah Street and Shakhbout Bin Sultan Street.
  • After around 4.4 km, take E11 to Latifa bint Hamdan Road/D67 in Dubai.
  • Take exit 37 from Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd/E311, and you’ll reach Global Village.

Pro Trip Hacks

What to Wear

  • Modest clothing respecting the local cultural sensitivities is mandatory.
  • Comfortable shoes for extensive walking around this 17+ million sq ft area.

Navigating Global Village

  • Use Google Maps to bookmark must-see pavilions and chart a route.
  • Download the Global Village App for event schedules & vendor directories.
  • Enable location sharing with your group in this vast venue.

Stay Protected   

  • Carry sun protection like hats, shades and sunscreen..
  • Keep hand sanitizer for maintaining hygiene across frequently touched surfaces.

Insider Tips

Tips for Making the Most of Global Village

Spanning over 17 million square feet with pavilions representing 75 countries, Global Village Dubai is massively huge. While seeing it all is impossible, you can maximize your time with handy planning and preparation.

Strategize Beforehand

Study country pavilions and know must-see attractions beforehand to optimize sightseeing. It helps you zero in on favored experiences.

Brave the Crowds

Crowds peak on weekends, but you’re rewarded with brilliant fireworks displays, cultural festivals, and better bargain deals.

Use Maps Wisely

Grab a map to navigate this mega venue efficiently. Plot routes between far-flung pavilions of interest beforehand.

Arrive Early

Reach early to beat crowds and have ample time to see more attractions before peak footfalls start post sunset.

Schedule Shows

Check Global Village’s website to align your visit with live folk dances, exotic parades, or artifact exhibitions.

Splurge on VIP

Skip annoying queues with a VIP pass. It provides private lounge access and exclusive perks like ride shortcuts or special discount vouchers.

Family Groups Should Stick Together

Enable location sharing on phones to easily reunite if groups separate, given the scale of crowds.

Dress Modestly

Dress conservatively and avoid public affection – these are the basic etiquette rules.

Save Money and Time

Buy discounted e-tickets online to breeze through entry gates without tedious box office queues or high on-site prices.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What is Global Village famous for?

Global Village is renowned as the world's largest tourism, leisure, and entertainment destination. It amazes visitors with pavilions representing cultures, cuisine, handicrafts, and attractions from over 75 countries across the globe - all in one place!

2. How many pavilions are at Global Village?

Global Village houses 27 specialized country pavilions spread across 17.2 million square feet. This makes it larger than 200 football fields! Famous pavilions include UAE, Saudi Arabia, Italy, China, the UK, Morocco, India, Thailand, and Egypt.

3. Does Global Village only open at night?

No, Global Village is open from late afternoon to midnight daily. Peak evening hours tend to be busier though the venue opens at 4 PM itself. Weekdays are ideal for beating crowds.

4. What is unique about Global Village?

Unlike any other destination, Global Village amazingly brings together world cultures, shopping, rides, F&B, entertainment, and flair, spanning 6 continents in one venue. For 6 months of the year, you can literally 'travel the world' at Global Village!

5. How much time do you need at Global Village?

With over 75 country exhibits across a 17+ million square foot area, you realistically need 2-3 visits to fully experience Global Village. If time is limited, you can narrow your choices by studying country pavilions online beforehand.

6. Is Global Village worth visiting?

Absolutely! For fans of world cultures, authentic handicrafts shopping, theme park rides, or international cuisines - Global Village is unbeatable. The vibrance, scale of attractions, entertainment and festivities are unmatched.

7. What is the dress code for Global Village?

Dress respectfully by covering shoulders and knees as per UAE etiquette. Something breezy and light is advisable, considering Dubai's usual warm climate.

8. What shouldn't you miss at Global Village?

Don't miss the live concerts at the main stage, the adrenaline rush at Carnival rides section, and fascinating exhibits at Ripley's Believe It or Not attraction in Global Village Dubai.

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