A Complete Guide on Ways to Check Travel Ban in the UAE

You might have heard about travel bans during the COVID-19 emergency. Dubai was completely shut down for around two years. But are there other circumstances that can lead to a travel ban in the UAE?

The government of the UAE is vested with the authority to keep its residents and the country safe. The concerned authorities must make rules to maintain peace within the country by monitoring the non-national residents involved in any criminal activity or violation of laws. One such rule is when an individual is convicted of criminal cases or financial fraud; he is imposed with a travel ban in UAE. Does that mean you won’t be able to enter UAE or travel to another country from the UAE? How to check travel ban in the UAE? Follow this guide to know more.

How to Check Travel Ban in UAE

What is Travel Ban in the UAE?

A travel ban is an order issued by the authorities that prevents an individual from traveling anywhere. As per the Article 29 of the UAE constitution, “The freedom of movement and residence will be granted within limits of laws.” This loosely translates to “entering and exiting the country is permissible according to law.” Any UAE resident with a criminal case, unpaid debts, terrorism linkage, or threat to public safety, the concerned authorities can confine their stay within an area.

What are the Reasons for the Travel Ban in the UAE?

  • You have failed to pay debts
  • You have been charged with a crime
  • You have violated immigration laws or overstayed visa validity
  • You are linked to terrorism or espionage
  • You are employed without a work permit
  • There are public health emergencies

Based on the grounds of violation, the expatriate is restricted from entering, re-entering, or leaving the country.

Individuals who are restricted from entering the country: If you have a criminal case against you or have been blacklisted by Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, you won’t be allowed to enter the UAE. Other common reasons for entry travel bans are being involved in any activity reported by Interpol or suffering from a viral disease that can be hazardous to the public.

Individuals who are restricted from leaving the country: It is imposed on someone who hasn’t paid his debts, banned by a criminal or civil court, or held convicted by a public prosecutor.

As per the authority, a travel ban can also be levied on an individual who does not comply with immigration laws. For example, any person with a Dubai visa who is found to overstay the valid period is a breach of law. Similarly, working without a legal work permit or entering the county illegally can call for a travel ban.

How to Check Travel Ban Status in the UAE?

Before planning your travel, it is always advisable to solve any issues that might cause hindrances, like checking travel ban. Use the following methods to check the travel ban in UAE:

1. A Visit to Dubai Police Station
If you are living in the country, you can visit a Dubai police station and make an in-person inquiry into any criminal complaint filed. While all Dubai Police stations are open from 07:30 AM to 10:00 PM, smart police stations work 24/7.

2. Through a Phone Call
Alternatively, you can call the Amer centers in Dubai at toll-free number 800-5111 to enquire about the travel ban status. You must provide your passport number and other particular details for the inquiry. Those overseas may call on +971-4-313-9999.

3. Consult a Lawyer
One can also hire a certified lawyer to conduct the legal proceedings to determine the travel ban status. This method can help when you are not in the country or have been charged with an arrest warrant.

4. Through Website
There is another convenient method to get a travel ban check UAE – go online. It is a free-of-charge service. Follow the given steps:

  • Visit Dubai Police’s website or download the Dubai Police smart app.
  • Open the ‘Services’ menu and select ‘Criminal Status of Financial Cases.’
  • On the top-left corner, you will find the tab ‘Access Service.’
  • In the blank boxes, enter your name and Emirates ID card number.
  • In the dashboard, you will be alerted about the travel ban. You can visit any Dubai Police station along with your Emirates ID, passport copy, and an Authority Letter.
  • In case of any queries, contact the Dubai Police Criminal Investigation Department at 901 or mail at mail@dubaipolice.gov.ae.
  • If you are staying in Abu Dhabi, visit the Judicial Department on the Abu Dhabi website.

How to Cancel Travel Ban in the UAE?

One of the major concerns here is whether someone can revoke the travel ban in the UAE. The answer is yes! If you have a travel ban, you can appeal the decision.

  • If you have an active travel ban status in the UAE, you can request a cancellation to the Ministry of Justice.
  • You can submit the online case request on the official website. Click ‘Cancellation Request of Travel Ban Order’ and sign in with your UAE pass account.
  • Select the Case Management tab and click “My Case” from the menu. You will find your personal dashboard, where you can fill in the Request Form. Mention all the details related to the case. As asked, submit all the proper documents.
  • Pay the required fee once you have checked the application form and submitted it for approval. To pay, click on the dashboard and enter your reference number. Pay through the given payment gateway.
  • After the procedure, view and print the application form for future referrals.

These travel bans are often issued automatically by authority and are implied by a party or complainant, like an employer or creditor. They can reach out to the court to prevent the accused from leaving the country. These bans depending on the offense can extend to lifetime restrictions. The accused can apply to the immigration authority to request the removal of the ban. For monitoring your ban, it is advised to seek legal representation from criminal lawyers in Dubai.

It is important to note that a travel ban in UAE can impact your mobility and bring difficulty in carrying out business or other work. So, if you are facing any cases, it is important to keep a travel ban status check in UAE.

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