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90 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa

If you get a 90-day multiple-entry visa, you can visit Dubai or UAE any time during the visa’s validity term that lasts for 90 days. It is mainly suitable for business people or anyone who need to make repeated Dubai trips over a longer period.

Dubai Visa Fees For 90 Days

Visa Type Normal Visa Fees (4-5 working days) Express Visa Fees (2-3 working days)
90 Days AED 1900 AED 2000

Main Benefits of 90 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa

  • Tour Dubai on multiple occasions with a single visa
  • Recurrent visits to Dubai made easier and cheaper
  • Suitable for both business and leisure travelers

Know More about a 90 Days Multiple Entry UAE Visa

A multiple-entry visa allows you to come and go from Dubai or UAE as often as you wish, precisely until your visa expires in 90 days. The main plus is that you needn’t have to obtain any special document or visa to support your multiple visits. This relatively long term visa is mostly preferred by people who need to make a number of visits to Dubai for business or work related matters. However, this type of visa cannot be further extended.

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90-Day Multiple Entry UAE Visa Application Checklist

  • Duly filled out 90-day multiple entry visa application form
  • A copy of applicant’s passport with a validity of at least six months at the time of travel
  • Passport-size photograph captured against white background
  • Guarantor’s documents including passport with a validity of at least three months & salary certificate
  • Security deposit
  • Visa fee

Get your 90 Days Multiple Entry Visa through Only Dubai Visa!

Only Dubai Visa is a specialist in helping applicants to get a 90-day visa for their multiple visits to Dubai. Our forte lies in providing comprehensive visa solutions, along with an easy to understand procedural guidance. This, in turn, allows our clients to thoroughly understand the documentation and other processes as part of a 90-day multiple entry Dubai visa application, thus avoiding any chance of visa rejection. We work on behalf of the applicants directly with the Dubai Department of Naturalisation and Residency, ensuring the approval of their visa application in 4 to 5 working days or even earlier within two days (applicable only in the case of express visa).

Why Only Dubai Visa For 90 Days Multiple Entry Dubai visa?

  • Highly Qualified Visa Specialists: With extensive knowledge of all key UAE immigration rules, regulations and visa procedures, our team of visa consultants can help you to easily secure a 90-day multiple entry visa to enter Dubai.
  • Proven Success Record: Only Dubai Visa boasts of a track record of consistently catering to the visa requirements of all types of clients, ranging from individuals, families, and tourists to high profile businessmen.
  • Dedicated Customer Support Team: Our commitment to client satisfaction is one of the distinguishing characteristics of our company. At Only Dubai Visa, we provide both live client support and on-call client support to ensure the help you need is always made available. So, if you have any doubts such as Dubai visa fees, then our customer support team is always there to solve your doubts.
  • Best Pricing:We provide our services at a very reasonable rate and are devoid of any hidden fee. Please note that Dubai visit visa 90 days charges will vary from time to time. Also, Dubai visit visa fees for 90 days is same for all ages (but it may vary from the country one applies).

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