A 14 days visa is suitable to make a short visit to Dubai. You can apply for this category of visa, if the main purpose of your Dubai tour is recreation, tourism or even visiting your dear ones settled here. It is also ideal for people who wish to participate in musical concerts, programs, contests, or attend important business meetings as well as conferences.

14 Days Dubai Visa Fees

Visa Type Normal Visa Fees (4-5 working days) Express Visa Fees (2-3 working days)
14 Days AED 495 AED 600 to 800*
(Depend on Nationality)

Main benefits of 14 Days Dubai Visa

Know More about 14 Days Dubai/UAE Visa

As with the case of other types of visas, a 14 days visa is the entry permit issued by the immigration department to the people interested in traveling to Dubai. Just as its name implies, this Dubai visa allows for a short stay of up to 14 days in the UAE. Securing this visa will give you enough time to enjoy the main sights and leisure attractions of Dubai. It is also the first choice for people who need to make an urgent trip to Dubai for work reasons. Not alone these, you can even plan a getaway outside of Dubai. After all, with a valid Dubai visa, you can visit anywhere in the UAE.

14 Days Dubai Visa Application Checklist

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